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10 Easy and Smart Ways To Repurpose Your Content

Crafting a world-class content piece and publishing it alone will not create any magic to your site. The difference lies in the execution part, wherein you promote the piece of content across different channels. One of the most prominent ways of improving outreach and gaining better value for content is by repurposing it in different forms. Are you on the lookout for different ways to repurpose your content?

By the end of this blog, you’ll get to know 10 easy and smart ways to repurpose your content to scale your traffic effectively.

What’s the benefit of repurposing content?

Before diving deep into the ways of repurposing, we need to understand the benefits of repurposing and refurbishing our content writing service.

  • New Audience: Repurposed content opens the doors for a potentially new audience to consume the it, thereby increasing traffic and visibility substantially. The higher the leads, the more the chances of conversion.
  • SEO Boost: By modifying your content from time to time, you have better chances of performing well in search results. Besides, repurposing can lead to backlinks from different sites, improving your domain authority substantially.

What type of content can be repurposed?

The most critical part when it comes to repurposing content is to identify the right type of content that can be upgraded/repurposed. Here are some tips that can come in handy.

  • Rely on evergreen content: Evergreen content is those that stay relevant and applicable even today. With it, you get the extra cushion of building a rapport with the audience on any given day.
  • Include your best-performing content: A blog/article that has done well in the past can be considered ideal for repurposing. Hence, you can identify your most popular content pieces based on their performance seamlessly.

What are the ways to repurpose content?

  1. Videos can create better visual appeal: According to a report by Social Media Week, viewers claim that they retain 95% of the message if they receive information via videos. You can repurpose your existing blog posts into attractive videos, leading to better visibility.
  2. Convert multiple posts into comprehensive guides: One of the simplest ways of repurposing is compiling your posts into a comprehensive guide. This way, you get to update your old posts while your visitors receive better value.
  3. Infographics are concise, clear, and coherent: You can transform your pieces of content into relevant infographics. By doing so, you can share them across different social media channels like news Spotify digital media as well, leading to better brand visibility.
  4. Quora Q&As are great as blog posts: If you’re someone crafting blogs consistently, you can convert your Quora Q&As into relevant blog posts, gaining more authority among your audience.
  5. Podcasts open you to a whole new space: Similar to videos creating better appeal, podcasts are an ideal way to improve the accessibility of your site. You can convert blog posts into podcasts, providing visitors an additional way to consume information.
  6. Introduce daily email series showcasing your blog posts: Another great way to repurpose is to introduce daily email series for your subscribers’ list by including links to your blog posts. This way, you can improve traffic towards them substantially.
  7. Internal support questions can become FAQs on your site: Including FAQs is an important aspect of any website as it solves numerous doubts of visitors. In view of serving them better, you can include internal support questions in FAQs, leading to a win-win situation.
  8. Compile your current content as an E-book: Many a time, you come across a landing page with the ultimate aim of garnering visitors’ email information in exchange for an E-book. You can repurpose it as an E-book in a similar scenario.
  9. Assemble internal data to prepare case studies: You can make use of client information and other internal data to prepare authoritative case studies. This way, these case studies can act as relevant testimonials.
  10. Do not throw away your PowerPoint Presentations: With technology advancing, you needn’t throw away your PowerPoint presentations after a meeting. You can upload them on SlideShare or relevant platforms and embed your website link. As simple as that!


Now that you have identified smart ways to repurpose your content, it is time to set it into action. Make the best use of your it by repurposing them across different channels effortlessly.

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