5 Reasons When an Abortion Becomes Necessary

Every woman’s dream is to become a mother and give birth to her child. But things don’t always go as planned and, despite the availability of contraception, the number of teenage pregnancies is increasing every year. Early pregnancy is one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of abortions worldwide. Often a woman has to have an abortion when she is pregnant and is not able to give birth to the child. Below are the top five reasons why abortion is necessary.

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When there is a risk

One of the main reasons why an abortion is necessary is because the fetus is dangerous to the woman and may endanger the life of the pregnant woman if not removed in time. In this case, the fetus is surgically removed.

When the pregnancy is unwanted

If the pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted, the pregnant woman often has an abortion because she is not ready to raise the child at this time or because she does not intend to have a child in the future. Many women feel that they are not good enough to be mothers, in which case they have an abortion if they become pregnant.

Financial difficulties are also often a reason for having an abortion.

Abortion also becomes necessary when a single mother or a mother and father cannot afford to have a child at this time, or already have a child and will not be able to have another.

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Lack of support is also important.

Many women choose to have an abortion when they do not have enough support from the father or when they are too young to carry a child on their own. Similarly, unmarried women who become pregnant resort to abortion to avoid the shame that accompanies it.

If there is a risk to the baby

In many cases, advanced technology can detect major defects in the unborn child, if any, and these will show up in the very first tests done during pregnancy. If the doctor believes that the unborn child will not be able to lead a normal life or will be born with physical and mental defects, many couples consider abortion necessary.

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