Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Solar Panels

One year of sunshine can produce enough energy to power the entire globe for one hour. Although the sun is the strongest source of energy, it cannot provide us with even a fraction. Installing a solar power plant can help us harness the sun’s power and make a big impact on the planet.

Roof solar panels generate pure, clean solar energy directly from the sun. Solar panels for commercial use can reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as collective dependence on fossil fuels.

These are some of the benefits of a commercial rooftop solar.

1. Electricity savings

Installing the commercial rooftop solar at your factory or industrial premises will eliminate or reduce your electricity bill concerns. How much electricity you save will depend on the size of your solar power system and how much grid electricity it consumes. Any excess energy that you send back to your grid can be repaid. You can reduce your monthly electricity bill by using commercial solar panels.

A 100 kw roof solar panel can produce 400 kWh/day units. This will decrease 13 lacs Rs/yr.

You can export excess solar energy to the grid using the net metering facility. This is vital in factories and other industrial areas that have irregular or non-continuous electricity consumption.

2. Green use Environment and Carbon Dioxide Reduction

You are increasing pollution through the use of more electricity generated from fossil fuels. This is particularly true for factories and industries. The majority of electricity used today is not generated from renewable energy. It is smart to install a solar power plant. This will help you save money and promote green energy.

It does not use fossil fuels or chemicals to produce electricity and thus emits no harmful gases into the environment. The grid is not an option. It also reduces carbon dioxide production.

Solar power can be used by industries to have a significant impact on the environment. It is a more sustainable and cleaner source of energy.

3. A cooler and cleaner roof

Roof solar panels reduces heat by 30 percent and keeps roofs 5° cooler than roofs directly exposed to the sun.

Solar power systems are safe and reliable energy sources that can be used to reduce the cost of summer cooling. Solar power systems can also be used to keep top floors and industrial roofs cool by reflecting and absorption much of the sun’s energy.

4. Accelerated depreciation can help you save taxes

The Government of India encourages the use of solar energy by offering tax relief under section 32 of the Income Tax Act. They can take advantage of an increased rate of depreciation, often known as Accelerated Depreciation benefit.

This accelerated amortization allows industrial users to decrease their solar power plant investments at a quicker rate than their fixed assets. This allows users to get tax benefits for any value lost over a year. Renewable energy systems all have a 40% rate of depreciation.

Commercial rooftop solar Advantages

The unpredictable nature of fossil fuels has scared off big players in the energy sector and they are now searching for more reliable, cheaper sources of energy. The largest investments are in solar, wind and hydropower. Although hydropower remains the predominant energy source, solar is a more affordable option for electricity in future.

What then is solar energy? It is the energy from the sun. The sun’s energy is harnessed by solar cells and panels. They can generate electricity, light and heat as well as heat and power industrial and commercial enterprises. Although there are some drawbacks like inconsistency or inefficiency, the benefits of solar energy far outweigh them.

There are many benefits to roof solar panels, including the low emissions of greenhouse gases that can be used to create jobs and benefit remote areas that are not connected to main grid. It can be reliable in certain areas, and it reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

Untapped resources have the greatest potential. The sun’s energy is an infinite source of solar energy. It will continue to produce solar power as long as there’s sunlight. It is free and readily available. It is also completely free and widely available. This means it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint. The most widely used renewable energy source is the commercial rooftop solar.

Solar energy has many uses. Solar energy can be used to heat your pool, generate electricity and run calculators. Solar energy can also be used to fly planes. This technology is still in the early stages.

Commercial rooftop solar Disadvantages

Although there is much positive information about solar energy, you should be aware of its downsides before investing any money. These are the main disadvantages of solar power.

1. It is not 100% reliable

This means there is no energy generation when it isn’t sunny. The majority of power generation is affected during the winter and nighttime. Many people have battery backup systems that store electricity for times when the sun isn’t shining. However, the cost to install a solar panel can rise if you have backup systems. This doesn’t add any value to solar energy technology.

Commercial rooftop solar cannot operate at night as other renewable energy sources. For power, you will need to rely upon your local utility grid. You can also buy solar batteries to store additional power you can use each morning. You may also be unable to draw power due to storms or hurricanes.

2. High Initial Capital Costs

Although solar panels are a great investment over the long-term and can provide many benefits, initial costs can be costly. It depends on the company that you purchase your solar panels from, but it can be quite expensive. It is hard to estimate the cost of the installation without the help of manufacturers.

Some countries offer tax credits and rebates to help people put solar panels on their houses. However, this can be prohibitive for those who don’t have enough money.

Your initial investment might not be recouped in as little as 10 to 15 years. It doesn’t really matter how long it takes, any effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels should pay off.

3. Problem of Efficiency

There are many facts that support the efficiency and cost-effectiveness solar energy. Efficiency is a concept that many people don’t fully understand. 15% efficiency is insufficient, so many people view it as a failure. They believe that 100% efficiency would be the best. It all comes down to how much space is required for energy production.

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