Being Cost-Effective in App Development

Being Cost-Effective in App Development

My suggestion in this post will give you easy access to the gold mines of key product insights. These insights are accessible, and you already have access to everything you need. It takes time and dedication to build better products and save on app development costs.

Root cause and its solution

You might have used a dedicated developers team for your mobile app, but do you look out for key issues? The following cases were app store reviews, crash reports, and the app itself. This will give you an idea of ​​what quality problems they had.

  • Is the issue related to a new operating system update?
  • Did the new feature use a third-party plugin/library that is causing the problem?
  • Do you have problems with devices from a particular manufacturer?

Keeping an eye on App Quality

Taking the time to find out the reason for an app quality issue can mean that you don’t have to rebuild your app. This saves founders significant development costs, time, and headaches in app development.

These are easy to fix and have the most significant impact on app development costs. Fixing only the top items could solve 40% of the user’s problems. It’s a third-party library issue, and 80% of the issues are when you reach the top five. This gave the founders a direct route to solving quality issues that did not require reconstruction. Crash reports aren’t just for developers. As a founder, you need to analyse crash reports regularly.

Third-Party Library

The third-party GPS help library used by the developers of this app was not compatible with Samsung phones with new Android OS versions/updates. This is a fairly common event. Phone makers use their own Android ROM to enable/disable or fine-tune the appropriate features for their hardware. This also makes their software unique. This causes problems with unapproved third-party libraries that are not updated regularly. There is no problem using the Github repository. Why spend time building GPS helper libraries and increasing app development costs when you can fork someone else’s code? You should! However, be careful. If you are not careful, you can end up in such a rough sea.

Faulty Crash Report System

Due to a faulty crash reporting setup (reimplementing crash reporting was the second suggestion), the issues were not logged for the developer to fix. In several cases, developers do not view app store reviews regularly. In this scenario, only the founders had access to the google play console. Founders mostly ignored app store reviews like these. They inferred that such issues were due to faulty user devices or GPS not getting a signal. It was found when analysing App Store review reports, Android crash reports, OS versions, and release dates. Many issues are occurring because the implementation of third-party plugins is not optimal. You probably also need your blog post.

Avenues for your users to speak

Apart from fixing the problem, there was another suggestion. Implement a way for users to speak and feel what they hear. If a user has a problem with your app, only the App Store can listen to you. Inserting the in-app customer service/help desk SDK is an easy step. This is a beneficial solution for analysing quality issues. Find out what users think of your app. Get a clear list of actions to guide the developer.

I like help shifts. It’s paid software, but the benefits go far beyond the savings you get in return for app development costs. A real-time messaging system allows your users to communicate freely with you. It’s like talking to your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook Senger. There is also an FAQ system. When users submit an issue, they get valuable metadata such as OS and app version. You can also pass system variables such as user_id to the metadata to quickly diagnose the problem. When users hear complaints, the problem is not overlooked for a long time. So, it is a good idea to hire full stack engineers.

Key takeaways

  • Pay attention to third-party plugins
  • Set the appropriate crash report in your app
  • Measure the performance of long-term advertising campaigns
  • Keep records of the previous three versions and analyse app ratings
  • Integrate in-app messaging to allow users to send feedback directly

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