Blocking Sellers on Amazon: Answers to All Your Questions

For an Amazon seller, there is nothing worse than a complete suspension of their trading rights. Sadly, blockages are common and affect legitimate hardworking businesses as much as Amazon sellers who deliberately cut corners.


To make matters worse, Amazon is notorious for failing to explain why it is blocking accounts. Sellers are given the opportunity to investigate for themselves in the hope that any issues they find match the reasons Amazon blocked them.


When sellers appeal the suspension, they often panic and insist that Amazon made a mistake. This ultimately leads to a fruitless cycle of appeals and rejections – if they keep getting a response from the site at all.


But there is a correct way to appeal your ban. There are clear root cause methods that Amazon looks for, even if the information provided is vague. There are also proven ways to craft your Plan of Action (POA) to give you the best chance of successfully recovering your account.


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Why was my Amazon account suspended?


On the Internet, it’s not hard to come across similar alarming statements from sellers: “Amazon has blocked my seller account, but I don’t know why. This trend has only intensified this year.


Unfortunately, messaging with Amazon is not what it used to be. It used to be that you could expect the messages to say, “We blocked your seller account because of…” and you’d have a chance to figure out what the problem really was. Currently, sellers have to comb through vague, unclear wording that, in many cases, doesn’t provide any specific information at all. In other cases, they provide one or two ASINs along with a vague idea of what the problem might be if customers or brands have complained about those particular products.


In most cases, communicating with people who “speak the language of Amazon” may be necessary to translate even standard suspension notices. You may also need to call Account Health Services for details, if you can get a direct response from them. As with almost everything on Amazon, if you call four times, you may get four different answers. Then you are back to square one and don’t know which way to go about solving the problem.


What do I need to do if my seller account has been blocked?


Of course you should appeal the blocking, but only after you have responsibly determined the right way to do it! How can you make sure your appeal will be successful?


First, determine the underlying reasons why Amazon suspended you. What prompted them to delete your entire account, not just a few listings? Simply put, try to find the answer to the question, “What caused the blockage to occur?”


Remember: to demonstrate that you’ve fixed the problem, you’ll need to prove to Amazon that you know exactly what went wrong.


If you’re stuck at this point, ask yourself: what past notifications in your account’s Performance Notification dashboard hinted that the problem was coming? If you’ve been blocked for violating the rules, have the notifications been sent, and have you been able to resolve the problem? Were ASIN-level warnings ignored?

Then describe the specific initial steps you will take to correct the situation. Based on what went wrong, would you fix it by improving your work processes? If the problem was product quality, would you end your relationship with suppliers or replace existing suppliers with better ones? What information can you show Amazon to verify these new suppliers?


These are the questions Amazon employees ask themselves when reviewing your POA, and they want detailed, convincing answers.

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