Can You Trust Reviews of Air Purifiers?

Do you remember the old TV show Mission Impossible? Finding the best air purifier could easily be a Mission Impossible premise. The only pointers you have are internet reviews of air purifiers. These are increasing by hundreds every day. None of them tell you anything useful. You will die trying.

I believe that you sincerely want the best for your family and you really want to make good choices for an air purifier.

But if you have patience for a moment, I want to give you a broader perspective of the task ahead. And of course, they’ll show you the way to get what you want.

I am a webmaster. I own a site on air purifiers. I’ve researched hundreds of hours more than you probably ever will. I have taken apart what the web has to offer using tools that are not available to you. I am also personally interested in this topic as my wife suffers badly from MCS, asthma and allergies.

But enough about me, this article is about reviews of air purifiers and whether they serve your interests. You will not. You are grossly biased. They are based on inadequate tests or poorly designed tests and misinformed criteria.

Individuals who have never owned an air purifier in Eastern European and Asian countries write reviews of air purifiers in poor English for a few dollars per review. Some pages that promise reviews of Medical Air Purifier aren’t written by people at all, but rather created by computer software designed to search the web for content to bring back. I know, as a webmaster, I’ve seen it all and know how easy it is to put garbage on the web.

Aside from the gloomy offers on the web, we consider the respectable print media. Consumer Reports is one of the most respected magazines for testing and advocating consumer products in the United States. Would you expect the consumer reports reviews on air purifiers to be solid and reliable? You would be wrong.

While Consumer Reports is certainly sincere in its efforts, there are flaws in its reviews of air purifiers that do readers no favors.

First of all, they only select the products that are most commonly found on the market. That makes sense for cars. Why try a Roll Royce when thousands more will buy a Toyota? Unfortunately, in the air purifier sector, it is well-heeled marketing companies that do not dominate the manufacturers of quality air purifiers. Because of this, the best air purifiers are never considered in their air purifier reviews.

In addition, the test criteria can and have strongly influenced the ratings. A recent single point correction had the dramatic effect of reducing the number one air purifier to twenty-eight the following year. In fact, this air purifier had been ranked number one for fifteen years.

What has changed? After years of complaints from manufacturers of high-quality air purifiers like IQAir, Consumer Reports has finally recognized that ozone production by an air purifier is dangerous and unacceptable and should be rated negatively in reviews.

The question remains, should readers who trusted their air purifier reviews for fifteen years look elsewhere for the truth? What about now?

Even now, better  Medical Grade Air Purifier are at a disadvantage. Most buyers are looking for odor and chemical removal, not just particle removal. Consumer Reports only rates particle removal. They also rate air purifiers based on total airflow. However, air purifiers with additional filter elements, which are necessary to remove odors and chemicals, inevitably have a reduced air flow. What enables these air purifiers to give consumers what they want becomes a nuisance in consumer reports reviews of air purifiers.

I don’t want to pretend I’m raking consumer reports on the coals. They serve only as an example of how well-intentioned and responsible reviewers can fail to provide precise instructions to consumers.

So what are your options? First of all, you need to realize that only you can decide which is the “best air purifier”. You can’t just type the phrase into a search engine and expect an unbiased, simple answer to pop up on your screen.

You need to be willing to invest a little time learning about air quality and air purification technologies. Learn How to Stop the Hype and Misinformation from d

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