Common mistakes with Painting with acrylics

Common mistakes with Painting with acrylics. What are the most common mistakes when painting with acrylic paints? The list of budding artists approaching this art form for the first time could be very long. But today, we want to turn not so much to those who now, for the first time, will pick up a few tubes of acrylic paint.

This article is dedicated to those people who for some time have begun to become familiar with acrylic painting, who already have more or less fine images behind them, who have already become familiar with brushes, and who want to improve.

Mistakes not to make when painting with acrylic paints

To improve, it is necessary to erase the mistakes of beginners, those that true experts would never, ever make. Often, however, we are too focused on finding a subject for our next Painting, or we are in a hurry to finish the Painting we are working on and do not take the time to analyze what we are doing and what mistakes we are making.

As we will repeat in the list, you are about to read, and it is essential to take time to reflect, understand what you are doing and if you are doing it right. It is not to make trivial mistakes and not to behave like an automaton that goes straight on its way without ever asking questions. To help you in this undertaking, therefore, we will see together which are the 10 most common mistakes in painting with acrylic colors and lotus flower drawing. Enjoy the reading!

Choose the wrong canvas or paper.

Not all sheets of paper can be used for acrylic painting, just as not all canvases can be used for this purpose. Given the incredible versatility of acrylic colors, which can operate on many different materials, you might lead to think you can achieve excellent results on any medium: well, even if partly true, this is not precisely the case.

Those who paint on any paper, such as on the printer’s sheets of paper, will have many problems, starting with the zero holdings of the support and the fact that the report will deform after a short time. If you have chosen to paint on paper, the ideal one for acrylic paint is characterized by a very high gram age. And, to achieve genuinely satisfying results, we recommend opting for form for painting with a canvas texture.

For the canvas, more or less the same goes: to have quality results, you need to start from quality support. But that’s not all. It is also necessary to choose the suitable grain: those who want an intense and homogeneous color and perfect details, for example, should not make the mistake of deviating from fine-grained or medium-grained canvases.

Choosing the wrong brushes

The second mistake we want to underline for those who paint with acrylic colors is related to the choice of brushes. And here too, the first step is constituted by quality: regardless of the type, low-quality brushes (with stiff hair, which come off, with poorly ergonomic handles and so on) can only lead to little or no satisfactory results, not to mention the annoyance they can create during the act of Painting. It is then necessary to choose the right brushes. The brushes for acrylic painting mainly brush in pig bristle, in marten, ox hair, and synthetic hair, as long as it is of good quality.

Don’t take breaks

Common mistakes with Painting with acrylics

Many beginning artists aim to complete a painting with acrylic paints in one session without taking a break. And this is a big mistake because you should never be in a hurry. Because? Because sometimes the colors have to dry out completely, because the eyes get tired, as does the hand, and because continuing to look at the same Painting can mislead us.

Much better to dedicate several sessions to the same work, taking breaks from time to time. Many painters, to be sure not to concentrate excessively on a painting, to the point of being inclined to make trivial errors, keep two jobs in the pipeline simultaneously, switching now to one and now to the other, to “distract” themselves a little.

Mishandling brushes

What is the point of buying good brushes if they are treated carelessly? Painting with damaged brushes means, among other things, painting badly. Therefore, your brushes must be washed carefully after each session with the right products and must be stored with equal care not to deform their hair.

Use the same brush from start to finish.

Yes, Painting tends to absorb our attention, with paintings that sometimes drag us for hours without making us think of anything else. And this is precisely one of the splendid aspects of art. But be careful, we can’t forget the most obvious things, like changing brushes, for example. However, several budding artists who, absorbed by the Painting, use the same brush from the beginning to the end of the session. But this leads to many negative consequences: since there are no variations in the texture and size of the brushstroke, it will create a potentially boring painting; a small brush won’t do for large areas, and a large meeting won’t do for details, and so on.

Mixing colors the wrong way

In our blog, we have often talked about how to mix colors to get more. Also, on this point, therefore, we will go fast: mixing the colors does not always obtain the desired results. Countless novice painters search for a beautiful purple, mix a specific blue with a particular red, and bring a brown.

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