Experts Guide on Relieving Stress

Stress has undoubtedly seen a rise after the COVID-19 pandemic. As per the recent reports from the American Institute of Stress, adults in the US complain that their stress levels increased because of the pandemic. While there are plenty of mental health issues for which we can blame the pandemic, there is one positive side effect of the deadly virus spread which we would like to talk about. Mental health issues were a big concern way before the pandemic. People were suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, people started publicly discussing mental health issues. People have realized the importance of caring for every individual’s mental health. 


Countering stress and anxiety is no longer a rare situation. Almost everyone around us has difficulty keeping a positive mindset, being productive, and ensuring every day they spend is joyful. At the same time, several people suffered from isolation and loneliness during the pandemic. Many suffered job loss, monetary loss, death of dear ones, and other major situations that caused a significant impact on their mental health. 


If you are going through a similar situation and have difficulty boosting your morale, you have come to the right place. There are some practical ways to understand and deal with stress. Read on to learn how you can help yourself and your loved ones in such tiring times. 

What is stress?

To state, stress is a phase where a person feels emotionally and physically uncomfortable. The discomfort is caused by the body’s reaction to a perceived challenge.


Contrary to the common notion. Stress is not always harmful. Many of us view stress as lethal and detrimental to human beings. Still, in some cases, stress benefits human behavior. Small amounts of stress help with cognitive performance and better behavior. For instance, while hosting an event or in sports, small amounts of stress have proven beneficial for better performance. However, if your body is in a prolonged period of stress, you are in no way in a better state. Prolonged stress can negatively impact your body, physically and mentally. 


Sometimes understanding whether a person is going through a harmful stress condition or not is difficult. However, if you want to catch the early symptoms of dangerous levels of stress, then read further. 


Catching Symptoms of Stress

There is a variety of stress symptoms that differ in duration and severity. However, some of the typical stress symptoms include the following: 

  • Pain, aches, and headaches are not attributed to any other health condition but are stress symptoms. 
  • Change in sleep patterns such as suffering from insomnia, tossing and turning in sleep, and oversleeping. 
  • Emotional up and down
  • Appetite change inability to focus


These were just some common signs of stress that you can detect. If you are going through stress yourself or someone you know is having a time with mental health, these signs can help you further work on the issue. 

Methods of relieving stress

Once you are familiar with the signs of stress, you are ready to learn ways to counter and relieve stress. 

Practice mindfulness and relaxation: Mindfulness and relaxation can come in different ways. For some, peace often comes from mediation, yoga, and other stress-relieving exercises. However, for others, relaxation can come from long-due me-time. Often in our busy lives, we do not get the chance to cherish and pamper ourselves. If you feel the same, then a hot bowl of pasta and your favorite TV show can do the trick for you.

Luckily, several TV and Internet packages can help in easing your stress levels. You can learn more about cable TV services via Spectrum Chat TV. Once you have a reliable TV plan in place, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing time with yourself or your partner. 


Besides this, you can also try going on a short walk, sitting outside your home for a few minutes. The key is experimenting with various things and seeing what works best for you. 


Bottom line

Stress is an ongoing health concern. If you or someone you know is suffering from stress, it is time to learn more about the situations you can encounter. Also, it is necessary to learn ways to combat stress and not let it rise to a harmful level. 


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