First Time Backpacking? Here Are Some Suggestions For You

If you haven’t tried backpacking, now might be a good time to do it. Because it can always feel exciting. Then carry them on your back through the Moringa and the mountains, perhaps encountering small streams. It enables you to broaden your horizons and get closer to outdoor life. Breathing fresh air and admiring greenery can make your brain feel relaxed. A backpacking trip is not like a regular camping trip, you can only bring the most needed items. For example, your sleeping bag, food, and canopy tent. For any newbie, how to pack and how to start backpacking camping is a difficult thing. So these next helpful tips and tricks can make your experience more comfortable, safe, and convenient.

What you need to bring

Backpack. You will need to pack all your essentials into your backpack, so you will need a backpack that is large enough and lightweight. You will need to go to the store and try out the backpack before you buy it to feel if it fits your shoulders. Also, pay attention to the material of the backpack and choose a durable and solid fabric and lining. This way the backpack can be used all year round.

canopy tent and sleeping bag. Choose a small pop-up tent but at least be able to accommodate two people and all the equipment. This tent provides multiple protection from water and UV rays. It can also keep you warmer at night, making it ideal for outdoor use. Choose a sleeping bag that is warm enough, the night in the forest is much colder than the day. You can choose one that is made up of down fill, but the outer layer needs to be more durable fabric.

Cookware and water. Bring a lightweight camping stove, and enough pots, pans, plates, water glasses, and utensils. These will be enough for you to cook during the short trip. If you are not sure if there is a clean water source at your destination, then you should bring enough water or a filter. This will allow you to have enough water in any situation.

Hygiene products and clothes. In the outdoors, it is best to bring some disinfectant supplies such as sanitizer and wipes to maintain good hygiene. Finally, bring spare clothes, because the temperature may change during the day in the outdoors. If you accidentally get your clothes wet, you will have extra clothes to replace them.

Choose an easy location and travel in a group

If it’s your first time backpacking, it’s best to choose a campground that is close to home and has proper facilities. Because your physical strength or experience does not allow you to go to a place where the facilities are not complete. Check the destination information and surroundings in advance before you go, and make sure there is a water source. Weather is also an important factor to consider, if there is a storm, you should cancel your backpacking plans. It is safer and more convenient to go with family or friends. Because the equipment and food you bring can be shared, you can bring less equipment than one person.

Be prepared

Since backpacking is more special and the destination is the field, you need to be more prepared. Not just prepared equipment, but also information and physical strength. Backpacking requires hiking with all your belongings on your back and is physically demanding. Familiarize yourself with the equipment along with a backup plan in case there are any unforeseen circumstances. If you want to try backpacking, you’ll find all the outdoor gear you need and more outdoor news at Quictent.

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