Habit tracker apps For Android and Apple Phone

Adopting a good habit is really hard and even harder to keep. This is the point where habit trackers come forward to help you. There are several contemplations about how it catches before a new habit sticks. There are many assumptions some say 21 days in another opinion 66 days. Some say you can never be safe so you must always need to stay on it. As the name suggests a habit tracker exactly behaves in a way to track how better binding with daily, monthly, and weekly habits. The best habit tracker helps in many forms, from a decent app to a paper and pen.

In the end, it does not bother what kind of habit tracker adopts. What does bother is that you explore a habit tracker that executes for you and your living style. The most productive and aim feature of the habit tracker is to make sure that you are tracking the good things. This is the simplest application no frills, no fancy design, with some grids and few lines so that users can be in and out.

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It adds those habits that are hard to adopt. For example

  • Knowledge
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement
  • Drinking water
  • Gratitude
  • Good sleep
  • Learning some language
  • Ukulele

There are various habit tracker applications you can take benefits from.

  • Habitify

This habit tracker app is for you if you are a data nerd. This application has a user-friendly interface and a simple process. You just have to guide what do you want to track, it will send you reminders various times a day (according to the setting), and then you can add your performance. This application will reveal to you all the performance data that comfort you by giving you a better understanding.  It is easiest to uncover the data and understand the psychology the more data you provide so that you can get your goals.

  • Habitica:

This is a digital habit tracker that extracts the kind of role-playing game (RPG). One can make an avatar, and with time impact of your life actions leaves marks on your avatar. To earn the rewards have to go through different levels and undo some other features. One can even make a competition monster with friends and approximately four million Hab NOL |’| KIWY9U;’iticans, it should be beneficial and effective. Wherever you want to track habits it is available: Android app, iOS, and desktop.


This is the most considerable habit tracker application if you want to be compendious. As the name reveals one can go with personal coaches additionally it has standard habit tracker features like other apps. It is easily downloadable on Android, Apple, and iOS. community is always available for support. You will enjoy the power of tapping community if you have ever a workout partner. This habit tracker app will guide you to get some advice, perspective and accountability.

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