Hair Loss: Causes And Methods Of Struggle

What to do if the hair is shaken?

Winter for those with curly hair is particularly hostile because due to the headdresses caused by the appearance of static electricity in the hair and warm dry air in the heated room, the hair is shaken very much. But, unfortunately, with the advent of heat, the problem of hair loss does not disappear. With high humidity, shaking the hair turns into stubborn muddy, hanging fibers. Often, thin hair is exposed to the puff, and you don’t want to stack or tell them to any other impact, as it can damage them. What should be done to make the hair look great and not fluff?

Experts believe that hair loss occurs due to its heterogeneous structure. Moisture is distributed unevenly throughout the length of the hair. Another reason for hair extensions can be called their twisting, which also depends on the design of the hair.

How to prevent hair loss?

Methods for removing damaged hair:

  • Good care;
  • Proper style;
  • What does it propose to use “quick help.”

The hair shook, very motionless. It is challenging to create some hair from them. Moreover, they have no shine. To restore their luster and smoothness and be easily put into a hairdo, they need to be appropriately cared for.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is choosing a hair shampoo. Soft hair experiences a lack of moisture, and so you need to choose a moisturizing shampoo. In addition, when selecting a shampoo, should take into account the features of the scalp. Do not use shampoos that create volume, as dry hair will still dry out. After applying shampoo, you should always use a balm or conditioner designed for dry, brittle, or damaged hair. Appropriate moisturizing creams, but those that provide volume, you need to exclude because the hair is swelling so overwhelming. You can also make a mask, and it will help restore their radiance and smoothness. Learn more about drawing ideas.

Hair is essential not only to wash correctly but also to dry appropriately. Owners of fluffy hair should forget about the hairdryer or only use it in extreme cases. It is fittest if the hair dries naturally. It is essential to enter products such as balms or conditioners correctly. Apply them to the hair should avoid getting on the scalp, so you need to start about two centimeters from the roots.

Those who handle soft hair can use a variety of unique products, for example, elixirs, fluids, whey, creams. But before you apply this or that remedy, you need to remember that the thinner the hair, the easier and softer the remedy. You need to treat the choice of care products very carefully. It is better to use smoothing agents. In addition, a special antistatic spray has been developed for those with soft hair, which can purchase at beauty shops. It can apply to the hair to give smoothness. When using invisible hair care products, a person should not forget that it should avoid the scalp, so it should apply at least two centimeters from the roots.

When choosing hair care products, you need to consider that an individual approach is required here, and there is a variation of ways you don’t have to go beyond this. After all, instead of the desired result, you can only exacerbate the current situation.

How to dry loose hair?

After washing your hair, you don’t have to rub your hair hard with a towel. The hair needs to be gently soaked and then let dry naturally. If there is an important requirement, you can use a hairdryer, but you need to install it in cold mode. Dry them with care, lifting the fibers and stimulating air flow to the hair roots. Comb combing hair should be done using a wooden comb. After drying, you do not need to comb your hair, but if it is necessary, you need to apply a rare comb for combing. After using indelible care with silicone, the hair should wash thoroughly until.’

If the owner of soft hair has managed to collect them in the hair, it should be fixed with varnish or spray for further healing. These funds will help protect the hair from excess moisture.

How to deal with hair loss?

To prevent hair loss, you should choose the right way to care for them and change your diet. From your menu, you should exclude spicy, salty, sweet, and fatty foods, as well as foods containing preservatives and dyes, limit the use of products containing caffeine and alcohol. Harmful to hair and smoking. The following foods should be in the diet: fish, ground beef, dairy products, eggs, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

How to quickly help soft hair?

As emergency aid, you can use an antistatic. You should always have it with you and, if necessary, spray on the hair from the distance of the outstretched hand or first apply with a comb, and then comb your hair. It should note that antistatic only helps in an emergency.

As a means for bleaching hair, wax is also suitable, but you need to choose it correctly.

Another way to combat hair loss is to use a strong lacquer, but you need to use it as infrequently as reasonably because it quickly makes it heavier and damaging to the hair.

Hair loss removal using folk remedies

Among folk remedies, various masks are trendy.

Lemon mask

Such a mask will give the hair lightness and beauty, and soft hair will be obedient. To make this mask, you need lemon juice and water. To squeeze the juice from a lemon, strain it and add water to it in the ratio of 1: 1. This mask does not require flushing. The mixture is applied to damp hair, avoiding the scalp and eye contact.

Mask of burdock oil

Burdock oil is heated in a water bath, then thrown into the roots, and then distributed to all hair. The head is covered with cellophane and something warm, for example, a towel or a cap. The mask is left on the head for at least an hour, then washed off with shampoo and rinse with lemon water.

Slippery mask

At the heart of this mask is essential oil. Necessary ingredients: jojoba oil and almond oil – 2 tbsp. L., as well as sage and rosemary oil for two caps. Every segment is combined and warmed in a water bath. The resulting mixture is thrown into the roots and distributed over the entire length of the hair. It is left for half an hour, covered with a cellophane bag, and wrapped in something warm. Then the mask is washed off with shampoo and rinsed with lemon water.

Egg and Mayonnaise Mask

1 tbsp. Mayonnaise mixed with 2 tbsp. L. Olive oil and one egg. The resulting mix-up should use on the hair and leave for 20 minutes, and then very well wash the head.

Damp hair can clean with the help of broths of burdock roots or hop cones.

In addition, if the hair shook. It makes sense to go to the salon, where the master will choose an appropriate hairstyle or haircut.

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