How Are Purchasable Videos Shaping The Future Of Retail?

The way we watch movies has changed, and there’s no turning back. The discovery and behavior that already exists on platforms like YouTube just got stronger and more reliable.

Research shows that in June, the average UK adult watched 60 minutes of YouTube a day online on all devices, including connected TVs. When it comes to purchasing decisions, 63% of YouTube viewers buy from the brand.  Be seen on you tube.

Simply put: interactive post video is always a new calling card. YouTube empowers brands and retailers to connect with people in those precious moments of discovery when they are engaged and ready to go.

Being present at these moments is of course important, but making them “fit for purchase” is the future of retail (which is possible today). The answer lies in combining your own data, innovative ad formats, and creative best practices to increase buyer demand.

Window Shopping “Always On” on YouTube

In the past, shopping for sites was a beginning and ending activity – a few hours on the main street. Since we interact with technology all day, there is no such restriction on the Internet.

Due to the personalized nature of YouTube, people find things that will improve their lives, not noise. You are almost always able to discover because there is so much content to discover. Since the pandemic, the platform has only served as an inspiration to British shoppers in the major retail categories: home, telecommunications, fashion and beauty.

In a US study, 75% of shoppers said YouTube has improved traditional shopping by providing unexpected inspiration.4 This underlines the value of your brand in these moments of discovery with inspiring campaigns or content.

Purchasable videos can bridge the gap between discovery and purchase

In order to stay competitive and meet this demand, it is important to understand that in a year of double-digit e-commerce growth, the foundation for a successful online campaign has grown. Innovative display ad formats and automation can help fuel your business and proactively bridge the gap between discovery and purchase.

Brands that add product feeds to their video campaigns get over 60% more conversions at a lower cost.

Interactive post video campaigns are an innovative format through which movies can be ‘bought’. They can help auto-scale video ads on YouTube homepage, interactive post video playback pages, connected TVs, search engines and more by using machine learning to increase conversions and better understand attribution. You can also encourage viewers to buy by adding a product feed from Google Merchant Center. Eye-catching, searchable product images alongside your ads can inspire viewers and direct them to specific product pages on your site, creating a seamless shopping path for consumers.

Brands that add product feeds to their video campaigns get on average over 60% more conversions at a lower cost

These formats can help simplify the clutter in the middle of the buying process. Buyers go from looking at the product to buying quickly without too many other touch points in between. This gives marketers the perfect opportunity to capture the intent during the first interaction and drive viewers directly to your website or app and optimize for a specific action.

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