How the Tradition of the Birthday Cake was Born?

As children, we are all used to expecting fabulous birthday cakes to blow out the candles every year. Covered with cream, chocolate, colored sugar paste or with sparkling meringues: there are hundreds of types of birthday cakes in the world, each beautiful in its own way.

But have we ever wondered why this ritual is so important to us all? What are the origins of this popular custom all over the world, that is to enrich our party with this sweet so greedy?

Celebrating a birthday is one of the most common things in anyone’s life these days, and we don’t even realize that such customs and celebrations didn’t always exist in the way we know them today. It turns out that the birthday party, complete with cake, gifts , song “Happy Birthday” and everything else, is actually a mixture of traditions (some even millenary) that emerged and were gradually incorporated into our culture.

To explain the traditions of birthday parties we separated each item, and thus created a super list with the explanations best accepted by historians for the origin of each detail of the celebration as we have today.

The birthday cake

Following the traditions of offerings to evil spirits, other customs began to be incorporated into birthday celebrations. An ancient tradition of ancient Greece relied on the preparation of circular pies based on bread and honey, which represented the full moon and paid homage to the goddess Artemis (Greek goddess of fertility and the Moon). The recipe for the “Greek cake” became popular and spread to other cultures, giving rise to the birthday cake we know today.

Egyptians, Persians and the ancestors of cakes

Even if the cakes as we know them today have rather recent origins, the tradition of preparing a dessert on the occasion of a particular occasion was born thousands of years ago. In particular, it dates back to the times of the Ancient Egyptians, who paid homage to the dead and to the Pharaoh with loaves sweetened with honey. And even the Persians, skilled pastry chefs, used to pay homage to the celebrated with the ancestors of cakes.

Birthday cakes become for everyone

Initially, the tradition of the birthday cake was reserved for the nobles and the rich, the only ones who could calculate the exact date of birth, while the people used to celebrate only the Birthday. Starting from the seventeenth, however, with the lowering of the prices of some key ingredients such as sugar, the custom of the birthday cake took hold in all strata of the population. The cakes as we know them today, however, were born only from the 19th century in correspondence with the commercial development of the offer aimed at children: simple and colorful recipes loved by children spread and the art of decorating pure desserts developed. Today we can enjoy the facility of online cake delivery in Chennai.

A practice that pleased and consolidated first in aristocratic circles and later in popular ones, thanks to the lowering of the prices of some key ingredients, such as sugar. Little by little, recipes for simple and colorful cakes loved by children spread and the art of decorating sweets developed.

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