How to find the best recruitment agency?

So, you’ve identified that your organisation requires an additional set of skills to help with a specific project, to facilitate growth or to solve a problem – none of your existing team members have the capacity to upskill or to take on additional tasks. In short, you need to hire a new employee, but you don’t have the internal resources to facilitate this crucial talent acquisition process. For example, if you wish to expand your team to China, hire a recruitment agency China.

At this stage in the hiring process, you will probably be thinking about eliciting the expert services of a recruitment agency. What type of recruitment support you need will depend on your individual situation. With so many options available to you, how can you be sure you’re making the right decision and choosing the best recruitment company that will help you hire the right talent?

We’ve compiled everything you should consider when making that selection so that you get it right the first time round, saving you precious time and money.

1. What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies are essentially workplace matchmakers. They connect organisations that are looking to hire with talented professionals who are considering a career change, working closely with both sides to ensure desires and requirements are met.

When a hiring organisation notifies their recruitment agency that they are looking to fill a job vacancy, the dedicated consultants will then get to work sourcing suitable candidates (but in many instances they will already have people in mind).

2. Do you need to use a recruitment agency if you have an internal team?

Internal talent acquisition teams are great as they are working with the organisation every day and can offer an unrivalled understanding of who will be the best fit for an opening. But whilst internal TA can initially seem like a more affordable alternative compared to partnering with a recruitment agency, it can often end up having more costs associated with it that weren’t originally accounted for.

Many organisations traditionally assign this responsibility to their HR department. But if that employee (or department) already has a long list of tasks, asking them to conduct ‘talent research’ could negatively impact their other responsibilities.

The next step, which is even more time consuming, is the construction of an appealing, accurate and inclusive job advert – this is crucial to ensuring the quality of applicants matches your expectations. You shouldn’t be using standardised job descriptions; each vacancy should have a bespoke advert.

3. What are the benefits of using a (specialised) recruitment agency?

The most immediate (and perhaps most attractive) benefit of using a recruitment agency is that it’s one less time consuming item on your to do list. Because hiring a new team member is a serious commitment and such an important decision, it’s inevitable that you will get fully engrossed if you’re doing it all by yourself, heavily reducing the amount of time you will be able to spend on your actual job.

Eliciting the assistance of the best recruitment agency for your requirements will not only free up your working day, but will also give you peace of mind that several appropriate potential new employees will be presented.

4. The costs and risks of choosing the wrong recruitment agency

It’s clear there are numerous positives of choosing a recruitment agency to help with your hiring needs. But what if you rush your decision and choose the wrong agency to partner with? The two biggest mistakes people make when using a recruitment agency is that they either pick the wrong one, or they don’t engage properly in the process.

If you proceed with the wrong agency who go away and hastily source candidates, an offer is subsequently made and accepted, there is a real danger that the ‘star candidate’ won’t be as good as you expected.

5. The best type of recruitment agency for SMEs

Whilst every hire for each business is important, the risks and dangers of getting it wrong are perhaps greatest for SMEs. Depending on your hiring needs, there are different recruitment types you can choose from.

With tighter budgets and fewer resources available, getting your decisions right the first time is vital. Competition for talent is fierce so having a streamlined and effective hiring process is integral if you want to have any chance of hiring the best professionals in your industry.

By partnering with a well-established, reputable recruitment agency, you can increase your exposure and boost your talent-pulling powers. Make the right decision and you’ll attract the best professionals, giving you the one-up on your competitors!

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