How To Handle Unemployment

Losing your job can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. Apart from the financial pain it can cause, losing your job can have a devastating effect on your mood, relationships, mental and emotional well-being, as well as your ability to cope with the loss of income and how you will afford your living expenses in the interim between jobs.

 1. What To Expect With Unemployment In Illinois 

Illinois’ weekly benefit amount is calculated by adding up your earnings for the two periods prior to your most recent earnings, subtracting 47% from that total, and then dividing it by 26. With no dependents, the maximum weekly Illinois unemployment benefit is currently $484 per week. It rises to $693 if you have dependents. Illinois offers an allowance for filers who are married but whose spouses do not work. The dependent child allowance and the non-working spouse allowance can be claimed, but not both.

You have the option to file a claim online. The online office locator will help you locate the nearest IDES office. The IDES will review your application and send you a finding. This will tell you whether your claim has been approved or denied, as well as how much in benefits. If your claim has been granted, you will be given a “certification” date. This is when you must contact IDES to verify that you have met all eligibility requirements. You can then apply for benefits.

If you receive a letter denying your claim or denial, you can appeal it within 30 calendar days. After receiving your appeal request the IDES will schedule a hearing in front of a referee.

 2. Unemployment Checklist  

You may feel like you are being betrayed or powerless depending on your unemployment situation or you might blame yourself for a perceived mistake or shortcoming. It can be overwhelming to feel stressed and anxious. There is always hope, no matter how grim the situation may seem. You can overcome these setbacks with the right techniques and time.

Take your time: Adjusting to losing your job or being unemployed can be difficult. Don’t try to suppress your emotions. You will find that even the most negative and unpleasant feelings will fade if you are open to feeling them.

Share your feelings: Describe your feelings about being laid off. Describe your thoughts and emotions. Including things that you would like to have said (or not) to your boss. This can be especially powerful if you feel your termination was insensitive.

Accept reality: It’s important that you acknowledge the difficulties of unemployment and job loss, but it’s also important not to dwell on it. Instead of dwelling on the unfairness and poor management of your job loss, or the opportunities you have to prevent it from happening again, accept it. You can move on to the next stage of your life if you accept it sooner than you think.

Don’t beat yourself up: When you are unemployed, it’s easy for you to criticize or blame yourself. It’s important not to put yourself down. To find a job, you will need to have self-confidence. Every negative thought you have in your head should be challenged. Write down any evidence that you think is negative, such as “I’m a loser,” or “I lost my job due to the lockdown.”

Consider your job loss a temporary setback: The most successful people have bounced back from major setbacks and have learned from them, then tried again. You can do the exact same.

Seek out the silver lining: It is easier to understand the feelings that come with losing your job. It can be difficult to accept the loss of a job at this time in your life. But, ask yourself if you can learn anything from it. Perhaps your unemployment gave you the chance to reflect on your life and change your career priorities. Perhaps it’s made you stronger. You might find something valuable if you are willing to look.

 3. Ways To Save Money When You Are In between Jobs 

What can keep you calm during your visit to no-salary land? A series of frugal hacks. Spend your time on personal finance management and you will hack your budget between jobs and save money:

Cut unnecessary costs

It might be time for you to reduce your spending if you find yourself unable to save as much as possible. You can cut back on entertainment and dining out. Cancel subscriptions and memberships you don’t use—especially if they renew automatically. If you have cable TV, it’s a good idea to cut the cord. However, you should still keep your internet service as you will need it to search for new jobs.

Work out at home

Got a gym membership? It’s time to cancel your gym membership. If it expires soon, don’t renew. To stay in shape, you don’t have to buy fancy equipment. To stay in shape, you can train your muscles at home with calisthenics like crunches and pushups. You can also go for a run, walk, or bike ride outside. You can also take advantage of online workout classes that are free.

Don’t touch 401K

There are many money-saving strategies that go beyond avoiding buying unnecessary items. Some of them are about how you manage your assets. Your 401k is one such asset. It’s tempting to dip into it to cover your expenses. It may sound like a good idea to open your nest eggs, but it is best not to.

Limit your overheads

When you are unemployed you need to think about your finances and how you can pay for your household expenses such as rent, Ameren utilities, insurance and car payment. Implementing saving strategies such as practicing energy conservation, making your meals and coffee at home, as well as taking public transportation are all other great ways to save money.

Bottom Line

Moving towards a new job takes time. To maintain your health, pay attention to your mental and physical signs. Avoid common mistakes and you’ll find the right job. These steps will help you make the right career decision and get your life on track.

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