How to pack your fragile items in kraft pillow boxes wholesale?

Gifts are very important in our lives. These increase the happiness of our special moments. Birthdays and other festivals are very special. People are happy and enjoy the occasion. These moments are the best to give gifts. Therefore, we commonly observe that people give gifts on these occasions. Birthday gifts are very special. People remember them forever. Whenever they see the gift, they remember the person who gave it to them. It increases the respect and love for that person. Therefore, gifts help us get close to each other. Pillow box wholesale packaging allows us to pack gifts beautifully. These gifts provide a good impression on the recipient. You can pack your products in a kraft pillow boxes wholesale.

The shape of these boxes:

Their shape is exactly according to their name. These boxes are made in the shape of a pillow. Therefore, they have two ends that are joined with glue. There is a prominent empty space between the ends. Therefore, it looks just like a pillow.


The shape of pillow boxes ought to be unique. It provides maximum protection to the product. This is what people actually want. They want the best protection for the gift. They not only spend their time and love finding a gift. It also costs them money. Therefore, they can not afford the gift to be damaged. For this, they need boxes that are durable. These boxes are not only durable but also spacious. Therefore, it is easier to pack gifts in them.

Raw material:

Most of these boxes are Kraft pillow boxes wholesale. This paper has a specialty that is hard. Moreover, it is also durable. Therefore, it lasts long and protects the gift for a longer time. It is also recyclable. So companies can take older boxes and make newer ones out of them easily. Consequently, they prefer these boxes. It reduces the cost of packaging by a large margin. They can also print on these boxes. This feature is very important for gift packaging.

Importance of gifts:

Why are Kraft pillow boxes good for packing gifts? The best reason is their customization. These boxes are easy to alter. Therefore, companies can alter them according to the gift. It increases the variety of gifts that can be packed. This use increases their importance for packaging companies. They can enjoy all these benefits at a low price.


Companies can choose different sizes for custom pillow boxes. If the gift is larger, they can increase the size of the box. Whereas, if it is smaller, they can use a smaller box. It can create problems if the box size is not according to the gift. If the gift is smaller and the box is larger, then the gift will collide with the walls of the box. This could damage the gift. Whereas, if the box is smaller than the gift, it will put pressure on the gift. This can damage it. Therefore, companies need to change the size according to the need. These boxes allow them this.


Pillow box packaging is usually brown. However, customers can order the company that they want a specific colour. It is easier for the companies to print different colours on these boxes. It makes the gift very attractive. The gift looks expensive than normal. Whoever receives the gift, the receiver will see the packaging first. If it is attractive, they will automatically be attracted by the gift. Whereas, if the packing is normal, even an expensive gift will not create a big impact. Therefore, the colour scheme is also very important. People usually match the colour of the box with the product. It creates a good contrasting look. Moreover, they can also choose a colour that the recipient likes. It has its own specific effect.


It is also a great benefit of pillow boxes wholesale packaging. Companies can print easily on these boxes. It is also demanded by the people. They want their wishes to be printed on the gift packaging. They can choose different fonts for it. Moreover, they can also choose different font styles. It allows them to create a good impact on the recipient. Moreover, it also reflects their love for the recipient. Companies can also use different colours for writing these. They can contrast it with the colour of the packaging. So it becomes more vibrant.

People can also print the details of any funny or memorable moment that they share with the recipient. It increases the value of the gift.


Companies can also introduce a handle in custom pillow boxes wholesale packaging. It allows people to hold the gift easily. Sometimes the gits are larger than the hand. Therefore, they can slip from the hand and break. These handles provide extra protection to the gifts. People can grip the gifts easily with these handles. They can also carry these easily. Moreover, it also becomes easier for the recipient to handle and organize the gifts. This extra protection is very necessary for some sensitive gifts. These include cosmetics and jewelry. If these fall on the floor they can be damaged easily. Handles are very important for such gifts.

Easy to use:

Pillow box wholesale packaging is easy to use as well. These boxes are recyclable. So companies can take up older boxes and make newer ones from them. They do not need to buy the raw material again. Therefore, it reduces the cost of packaging. They can then provide these services to the people at lower rates.

Similarly, these boxes are also easier to handle for people. They can easily throw away the box after opening the gift. They do not have to take special care of the box. However, they do not have to worry about disposing of it. They know that companies will recycle these.


Pillow box wholesale packaging is very cost-effective. Recyclable nature reduces its cost. Moreover, it is also available at wholesale rates. Companies can buy these boxes for a cheap price and then alter them according to the demands of the people. It helps them become popular in less time.

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