How to pick a dress that will attract attention at homecoming?

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It’s homecoming season! While homecomings are a lot of fun for most people. It can also be somewhat scary. There is so much pressure on what to wear. And how to act around homecoming royalty or homecoming court. how to pick a dress that will attract attention at homecoming?

Don’t worry! If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have. No problem picking out the perfect homecoming dress.

Homecoming dress styles

First, you need to know what homecoming dress styles you might want to wear. There are many homecoming dresses available at many different price points and for different body types. You can either go really formal or a little less formal, depending on the location of the dance and your personal preferences. If you plan on going to homecoming court, you’ll want to wear a more formal homecoming dress. If you’re not going to homecoming court and just going homecoming with your friends and family, then you’ll want to wear a homecoming dress that isn’t as formal but still has some class to it.

Colors of homecoming dresses

Next, you need to know what colors will go well with homecoming dresses. Traditional homecoming colors are blue and green, but the homecoming dress is your choice! You can pick any color of homecoming dresses you want as long as they fit with the theme of homecoming.

Some popular homecoming dress colors will look good on almost everyone include black, white, red, pink, and blue (traditional homecoming colors)

Homecoming dress that your body type

The homecoming dress should also fit your body type. You can look at homecoming dress styles online to see what flatters different body types. If you’re not sure, choose a homecoming dress that doesn’t show too much skin because it might end up being unflattering.

Matching shoes

Don’t forget the shoes! A homecoming dress is only the first part of homecoming attire. Make sure you feel your best by wearing homecoming dance shoes to match homecoming dresses. Wearing heels and shoes at the homecoming dance will make you appear taller and more beautiful.


If this is your first homecoming dance. Consider homecoming dresses 20 dollars or under to keep costs down. If homecoming is an annual event for you. Consider homecoming dresses that are unique and eye-catching (and still affordable). If homecoming court is involved, invest in a homecoming dress that. Will make you stand out and feel confident!

Homecoming dress accessories

Lastly, don’t forget about homecoming dress accessories! They are an easy way to make homecoming dresses look even better without too much effort. Try on different homecoming dresses with homecoming jewelry to see what combination looks best.


There you go! Now you know how to pick out homecoming dress styles, homecoming dress colors, homecoming dresses for different body types, matching homecoming shoes, and homecoming accessories. It’s time for homecoming!


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