How to Start a Tax Accounting pensacola fl and CPA Firm

Having gained considerable experience in starting five accounting pensacola fl firms, and having spent the next two decades helping more than 2,000 accountants start their own firms, I can say that there are some basic principles that accountants can follow to ensure their best chance of success.
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The best way for accountants to start their own accounting pensacola fl and tax consulting practice is to ensure that they have the best chance of success. This can be achieved by remembering that the basic requirements of a successful practice are good clients and basic tools to serve them.

Many accountants who want to start their own practices burden themselves with a lot of unnecessary overhead that undermines their chances of success. Unnecessary expenses can be set aside until they become necessary. Buy only what you need to serve your first customers. It is important to keep initial overhead costs as low as possible to quickly generate positive cash flow to fund the firm’s growth.

When establishing an accounting pensacola fl and tax consulting practice

It is recommended that you start from home. In today’s technological world, clients are very comfortable with in-home accountants. In some ways, it makes clients feel like they are getting more value. They feel that if the accountant has less overhead, some of the savings will be passed on to clients.

By saving on rent and other office expenses, accountants can accelerate their positive cash flow, which can be used to fund expansion of the practice without borrowing money. When the cash flow becomes sufficient to maintain the office, the accountant can decide whether to expand the office. Home-based accountants may also find that they enjoy their work so much that they can do without moving to an outside office.

Another way to reduce overhead costs is not to use unnecessarily expensive software. Many accountants buy very expensive and unnecessary software to help their clients that they have to develop anyway. There are some very good companies that offer a great product at a low to medium price.

Drake Tax Software is a very cost

Effective software development company with an excellent reputation. The September 2011 issue of The Journal of Accountancy published the results of a software survey, and Drake Tax Software received an excellent rating. Accountants setting up their own CPA accounting pensacola fl and tax practices should choose good, affordable software that will provide them with basic customer service tools.

There are many other easy ways for accountants starting their own CPA and accounting pensacola fl firms to cut their start-up costs. The name alone that accountants choose for their firm reduces their initial costs. If accountants use their first, middle initials and last name and then a CPA and/or Certified Public Accountant, they can avoid DBA registration fees, bank and registration fees. In addition, current CPAs are allowed to conduct public accounting pensacola fl under their own name, thus avoiding the fees associated with fictitious names.

In many cases

Accountants may choose fictitious names, which reduce the perception of potential clients, which in turn discourages business creation. For example, a CPA who presents himself as “Bay City Tax Service” or “Accounting pensacola fl & Tax Service” loses credibility. Potential clients may perceive the firm as uncertified and unlicensed.

Accountants who are considering opening an accounting pensacola fl/tax consulting firm and are currently employed are advised not to quit their jobs to open their own accounting pensacola fl/tax consulting firm. Instead, they should open their own practice while remaining employed.


This decision may take longer than quitting smoking and allow for full dedication to the practice, but the sacrifice is worth the reward. As the practice grows, accountants can grow with it and devote all of their time to their own practice without putting undue financial pressure on themselves and their families.

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