How to Style with Different Jackets Wholesale

Jackets wholesale have become a fashion sensation that knows no borders, cultures or languages. Never before have they been so widespread around the world as they are today, all thanks to the functionality of the bomber jacket, its gender neutrality and suitability for all ages. It’s no wonder that so many bomber jacket manufacturers are taking the apparel industry by storm. Here’s what you should know about jackets wholesale and which style might suit you.

What is a bomber jacket?

Did you know that the bomber jacket was invented during World War II to keep the first fighter pilots warm in cold weather at high altitudes?

It was a thigh-length leather jacket with a zipper that was introduced in the 1940s. As new aircraft models flew faster and cockpits remained open and unprotected from many elements, jackets evolved. Jackets wholesale, then called B3 jackets, were made of nylon and wool. Advances in aerospace technology were of great benefit, allowing pilots to escape torrential rains and high winds.

Although jackets wholesale were essential for the military, they gradually became part of the wardrobe of civilians as well. In fact, the MA-1 model, made of orange lined nylon fabric, became one of the most famous jackets wholesale as it crossed various borders and civilizations.

Are jackets wholesale still in fashion?

Absolutely! Although jackets wholesale are not very different from the first jackets wholesale (thigh length and front zipper), today men can choose from a variety of models , colors, materials and sizes.

The traditional bomber jacket, which can be made of cotton, nylon, leather, polyester or even fur, reaches to the hips, has a ribbed belt and color-coordinated cuffs. It closes with a zipper on the front and sometimes has four functional pockets on the top and sides. Over the years, however, it has evolved into certain styles, such as a pleated lined shirt collar, a minx fur, or a flat scoop neck that matches the waist.

Overall, it’s safe to say that  lounge wear wholesale, whether new or old, never go out of style. If you have the right clothes, you can feel free to wear this outdoor garment and look good doing it.

List of different types of jackets wholesale

As a versatile and versatile fashionable garment, the bomber jacket is the ideal outdoor garment to keep you warm and protected in rainy weather or icy winter. They can also be used to add a personal touch to your look. Just like the variety of styles, jackets wholesale also offer a wide range of patterns and material options. With so many options on the global market, choosing the perfect bomber jacket can be a daunting task. So here is an overview of the different types of jackets wholesale you can choose from.

Vintage Bomber Jacket

Dimensionless bomber jacket

Short bomber jacket

Bomber jacket with fur collar

Leather bomber jacket

Down bomber jacket

How to combine different jackets?


Vintage or retro jackets wholesale are not just for 20- or 30-year-old men; in fact, they are suitable for 40-year-old men as well. That’s because, like jeans, vintage jackets wholesale belong to a small group of clothing items that get better with age. They can be considered as a kind of alternative to denim jackets. They are a great option for the weekend and add a fresh touch when combined with a casual outfit.

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