How to Take Good Care of Your Wooden Furniture?

 Wooden Furniture is one of the most trendiest as well as classic furniture aesthetics that anyone can have in their homes. Wood looks classy, and holds up well in terms of durability and design. Wood furniture is also not too expensive as wood is widely available and carpenters are also very common to work on building and repairing woodworks. However, just like any material, even wooden furniture needs care and maintenance, otherwise you can really harm the wood. If you are buying new wooden furniture or want to take care of existing ones in your home, make sure to keep these maintenance ideas in mind:

1.   Keep Away From Sunlight:

Placing your furniture in direct sunlight might seem like a smart move for maximizing its look or for visibility, but it can often be a bad idea. Say you place your study table beside the window for the sunlight to come. The problem is that overexposure to harsh sunlight can damage the wood by creating dark and light spots on the surface, ruining its look.

2.   Protect From Sharp Objects:

Keeping sharp objects near a wood piece can cause a lot of nicks and scratches. These not only look bad, but can also affect the surface of the wood if it keeps happening. Similarly, dragging things on a wooden table is also discouraged as those too can leave unwanted scratches that look very bad.

3.   Extreme Temperatures:

Wood should be kept away from extremely hot or cold temperatures. This is because such objects can leave a discoloured impression on the surface of the wood. The damage weakens the wood in the specific spots and continuous exposure can also cause long term rotting.

4.   Wax and Polish:

Regularly cleaning your wood furniture is highly advised. However, simply dusting the furniture may not be enough. Most experts suggest that you should get your wooden furniture waxed and polished every few months. Having a polished sofa set gives it a shiny veneer that is very pleasing. The secondary benefit of this is also that it creates a layer of lacquer that protects the surface of the wood from external damage such as sharp objects and environmental damage to an extent.

5.   Do Not Use Moisture:

You may be tempted to use a wet cloth in order to wash the wooden furniture. Such moisture can actually cause the water to seep into the wood and decay it from the inside. Hence, when you are done cleaning a piece of woodcraft, you should wipe it down with a dry cloth to remove the moisture. Similarly, during monsoons when the weather is very damp, you should use a humidifier to control the air humidity and prevent the wood furniture from getting too moist.

Taking care of your furniture is an important part in getting the most out of it, and helping it stay fresh and up to the mark. These tips take very little effort to do yourself, and do not cost much, so make sure to perform these maintenance activities for your wood furniture regularly!

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