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Fashion fads come and go, making it hard to keep up for those who want to stay updated. The bombardment of “fast-fashion” trends, changing with each passing day, is pushing us to fill our wardrobe with more and more clothes every day. And by the end of the day, we are still confused about what to wear?

A minimalist lifestyle is gaining traction making it easy to simplify your choices, particularly in the case of your wardrobe. A streamlined selection of outfits can make your dressing infinitely easier. That is why the concept of a capsule wardrobe is so enduring. If you are planning to make your wardrobe from scratch, then add shalwar kameez. It is the perfect wardrobe essential that would help you to narrow down choices, and be in style for years to come.


Check Libas e Jamila, the best place in town to have shalwar kameez for women avoiding confusion about what to wear? And to have your wardrobe essentials because dressing up in shalwar kameez is all fun. Scroll down to see what make shalwar kameez, your wardrobe essential. So you can start simplifying your closet and your life.


Save You In What To Wear Crisis

Shalwar kameez in a wardrobe will transform your approach to what to wear. It can remove all the bleary-eyed guesswork in the morning. When you have this attire in your closet, you don’t need to be worried to look stylish. Because looking fashionable is not always about wearing the coolest trend and wearing expensive clothes. shalwar kameez is simple, classic and versatile. you can wear it again and again, and each time look elegant by pairing shalwar kameez with the right choice of attractive accessories.

Building Block For Personal Style Frontier

Though fashion is like flirt, easy, fast and fun, but style is always in fashion. Shalwar kameez women make them feel effortless and ageless. It is a  style or a fashion sense that work for all, no matter how old you are.  If you are intrigued by what goes into achieving timelessness, then it is essential to put this dress in your closet. You can have a versatile collection of shalwar kameez because you have Libas e Jamila in town. Each outfit at Libs e Jamila is designed to make you look cool and feminine with an edge.

Make Day To Day Fashion Infinitely Easier

When you have shalwar-kameez in your closet you don’t need to be worried about what to wear to a friend’s birthday party or for an office meeting. This dress make you presentable among the most stylish fashionistas. This must-have apparel in your wardrobe has undergone huge transformations. You can have Anarkali suits, dhoti style kurta and parallel shalwar to make your attire a go-to outfit.

Guarantees Fashion Style

It is possible to play around with this wardrobe essential. Because there are multiple variants of this attire that can guarantee your smart styling instincts. No matter how cool and stylish you look in western attire, but a shalwar kameez with the right choice of accessories can make you look a thousand times unique in your way. You can wear the modern version of kameez with western style jeans. You can also change the length and width of salwar kameez influenced by fashion trends. Thoughtful selection of shalwar kameez for women, colour choices and styles in your wardrobe guarantee smart style no matter what the occasion is.

Hold Significance In Religion

Pakistanis or particularly Muslims love to wear shalwar kameez. Not because it’s an eastern garment but because of the religious significance that it holds. Muslims, all over the world, including men and women, flaunt their style with shalwar kameez on almost all religious occasions and gatherings. it’s more like a  dress code that represents unity as well as the modesty of Muslims.


It Is Traditional and Fashionable

Shalwar kameez is one of the oldest attire and is believed to have originated from Mughals, the Muslim rulers of India. It is considered the traditional and cultural dress for Indians and Pakistanis. Due to its elegance, timelessness and admiration that women enjoy by wearing this attire, it is popular all over the world. Asians particularly Indians and Pakistanis wear shalwar kameez to look traditional on their cultural celebrations. As it is one of the most suitable outfits to meet their modesty requirements.

Bottom line

Shalwar kameez is basic traditional but not so boring.  It is the only outfit that can work in your perfect and not-so-perfect moments.  For me, it’s an outfit for life, because when I wear this dress I feel gorgeous, stylish and most importantly timeless!

Are you convinced to have shalwar kameez in your closet? Visit Liabs e Jamila to choose from a versatile collection of womens clothing for your wardrobe.


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