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In the construction industry, one of the most important commodities that everybody is bound to take heed is time. This is most evident in the countless communications and transactions between contractors and their concrete suppliers, for one.

In construction, the right time of arrival of concrete for use in the project must be impeccable in terms of timing. The reason is that concrete doesn’t stay usable if it hardens or when it dries up while in transit or before arrival of the designated work site.

Loss of time, breach of agreed-upon time and other time-related issues can mean dire consequences. Without up-to-date information on deliveries (concrete materials) and other vital project details, things can go drastically wrong and very costly, not to mention the immeasurable stress that can be deadly. Visit cartoon torrenting sites for modernization.

Real-time industry

In construction, time is of the essence. Immediate decisions, delayed decisions and wayward decisions (out of stress or pressure) can be very costly, given the circumstance when they happen.

The losses are not just in terms of money but also in terms of company reputations, cancelled contracts, and suspended agreements and the ramifications afterwards that can even include lawsuits and the like.

The biggest factor that concerns the concrete supply industry is the fact that concrete hardens after a certain time and cannot be used at all. This could mean not just the loss of money, of one’s face and materials as well for the supplier.

For the client, the stakes could be seriously higher than the simple delay of the project.

Saving grace

One favorable factor for all those working in the industry is the current advances in communications these days. Contractors and suppliers can now work smarter because there is instant (and easier) access to communications for everyone involved.

Currently, there is now the reality of not just the possibility of the most up-to-date information. State-of-art communications have already made it possible to work and solve time-related issues all in real-time.

Real-time information

Through mobile apps, producers can supply the real-time information needed to reduce costs, making projects run smoother and having the workdays less stressful.

Things can now change, and decisions are made even as things are happening in real time. Since the majority of the contractors (and the supply companies) are now equipped with mobile devices, concrete suppliers should be delivering more than just concrete.

Once deliveries have arrived at the work sites and are appropriately handed on time, reputations and the company’s reliability quotient become more intact and can mean more future business and good relationships for a win-win situation on both parties.


Mobile apps on either side also helps the typical work of monitoring (concrete) pours throughout the day and helps people to understand what upcoming work is scheduled and to be done later.

A contractor declared he was even able to use the app for job costing and understanding the gap of work in place compared to what is billed to date. There are other uses of the newly-found technological assistance.

However, there are still dregs from the past that are slowly moved away.


With the current technology, concrete producers can deliver the following information straight to the jobsite—or wherever the contractor is. One big question is still the old one: are the loads really “on the way”?

There are contractors that have all been suspicious that some dispatchers bend the truth when they say a load of concrete is “on the way”. No one is sure whether the truck is really on the road or is it still being loaded.

With mobile apps, concrete producers have enabled to provide contractors the transparency they needed. When producers provide customers with mobile apps to track their orders, contractors can see where trucks are at any given moment and what’s on them.

This includes the exact mix, the amount and the age of concrete. Contractors, in turn, can prep for pours and schedule work more efficiently in line with the information.

Work / snags

When the concrete cracks, chips, spalls or other worse consequences, project owners demand to know why. The contractor needs to investigate and give out answers.

Producers who utilize metered sources, sensors and tracking systems can make information easily accessible in the field. The process of getting data from databases and into the delivery ticket is automated.

The result is that contractors can see everything about the mix including how much water has been added, from the plant to the chute. He can reject loads if they see the water-cement ratio is too high.

Project status / details

Imagine using a mobile app to view a history of all your jobs and being able to cross-check those jobs against invoices to ensure all work has been logged and invoiced. Concrete suppliers equipped with the right technology can provide that information.

When concrete contractors use mobile apps to access job orders and the associated delivery tickets (current, past and future), they have a virtual filing cabinet in their pocket that they can pull out at a moment’s notice.

The day’s work / tomorrow’s schedule

This is for review, view summaries for details of completed jobs, the day’s work and tomorrow’s schedule. Mobile apps are also useful for scheduling future jobs.

They can be set up to send project status alerts reminding users of upcoming concrete deliveries as well as “will call” orders that need to be changed to “active” status—which can be done through the app.

Contractors who confirm job orders to active status with ample notice enable producers to better schedule trucks, which ultimately results in contractors receiving better service.


The apps give contractors 24/7 access to their job orders, allowing them to make changes even when the dispatch office is closed.

This is especially helpful for contractors whose “office” hours do not match dispatch hours. This is when the morning deliveries have to be put on hold or sped up as the case maybe.

Contractors with the apps manage their accounts and track what they owe. They can make bank transfers via the app when they see they are approaching their credit limit.

This also ensures that the material deliveries and projects, in consequence) are not delayed.

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