The advantages of attending a painting course

The advantages of attending a painting course. Should you take a painting class, or should you learn and continue to paint on your own? To become a professional artist, is it necessary to be supported initially by a painting teacher? Or maybe the classic painting courses, those of an academic nature, risk cutting off your innate creativity?

We would like to have an exact answer for each of these questions

Unfortunately, this is not the case. In this article, we will try to understand the advantages of attending a painting course and finding a good teacher.

Painting courses: are they essential?

For many good reasons, some think that to paint well and become virtuosos – and perhaps professionals – in the field of painting, it is essential to participate in a painting course or have a capable private teacher at your side. However, many other people think differently, indicating the self-taught path as the main road, even here with good reasons.

One thing is sure: the history of art – even the recent one – knows many cases of prominent painters who reached the apex without following an actual painting course. However, these are some isolated exceptions. So what about? Is it better to get help from a painting teacher, or is it better to continue self-taught, perhaps relying on online tutorials, and manuals for painting, and so on?

The only one who can give the most suitable answer to your case is you. But we can explain all the advantages of one way and the other: today, therefore, we will explain the many benefits you can have from following a painting course of landscape drawing.

A painting course to learn painting techniques

painting course

In this online magazine dedicated to the world of art, we have proposed many contents mainly aimed at self-taught people. For example, we talked about the essential accessories for oil painting, how to choose between the various brushes to paint, how to orient yourself between acrylic colors, oil paints, and watercolors, and so on. Some might therefore think that we at Momarte are, after all, partisans of self-taught painting. Well, that’s not exactly the case: we want to offer everyone all the best accessories, products and tips for illustration, that’s all!

We will tell you more. However, we are convinced that no, to make art you do not necessarily need to follow special courses. It is possible to make art without special skills. Even without certain accessories: the last century, for example, clearly explained that beautiful canvases could paint without using brushes or spatulas.

However, this does not mean that only a painting course can allow us to increase our ability to paint academically, learning, for example, essential oil painting techniques, starting from teachings that spread and have been developing for centuries. Of course, many online tutorials aim to do the same, and in some cases, they do it well. But the life lessons, with someone ready to correct our mistakes, with someone able to give specific examples and to customize the tasks according to our needs. Well, that’s another thing entirely.

The advantages of being able to count on a painting teacher

Attending a painting course means having a regular appointment with art regularly; this means that, at least, once or twice a week, you can only think about art, which is certainly not a trivial matter. Thanks to a professional teacher, you will learn the basic concepts of painting in a faster and, probably, more effective way. So let’s think about how useful it can be to see a person who paints correctly live.

An attentive teacher doesn’t just explain how to paint but does more by specifically observing our movements, gestures, choices, and, yes, our mistakes. Of course, we have made articles dedicated to the main errors in oil painting, to the mistakes of beginners with acrylic colors. But having a professional who points us precisely where we are wrong, how we are wrong, and why we are wrong, well, it is undoubtedly more comfortable. Having a private teacher has the advantage of having all of their attention to yourself.

A well-structured course

The painting courses, class or individual, are structured in a preparatory way, and proceed step by step in the right direction, without forgetting anything – or almost – of importance; the self-taught artist, on the other hand, very often tends to skip all the boring parts in his training, throwing himself headlong into the actual painting. It is sometimes a problem with painters who do not know how to draw, who do not know how to observe well the subjects to be portrayed, and so on.

Here, these are, in our opinion, the main advantages of participating in a painting course. Knowing them can be helpful to everyone: both for those who are undecided whether or not to contact a teacher and for those who intend to continue their self-taught path but want to know the disadvantages and weaknesses of this choice, to work on it.

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