Pillowcases for crafts

Making pillowcases for crafts can be a fun and creative way to work with people of all ages. There are an endless variety of projects that can be undertaken, many simple with little time involved, others more intricate that may require a bit more time.

Types of pillowcases that are best used for pillowcases for crafts.

Pillowcases and sheets come in various blends of materials and weaves. For the purposes of using pillowcases for crafts with such projects such as tie dye projects or any other ink related project (where an ink needs to be absorbed into the fabric of the pillowcase) cotton tends to work the best.

Below are some of the main differences between common cotton materials used:

Made of 100% Cotton: Cotton is a natural substance that is farmed from the cotton plant. It is soft and is not man made. A cotton pillowcase will shrink slightly when washed. A cotton pillowcase might also wrinkle easily when removed from the wash, and sometimes it can be helpful to iron them to make them look their best.

Made of 100% Egyptian Cotton: These pillowcases have the same attributes shown in a cotton pillowcase discussed above. However, Egyptian cotton comes from long staple cotton grown in Egypt and the long staple makes it very soft.

Cotton Polyester Blend: These pillowcases are made using material that was blended together with natural cotton and a man-made fiber called polyester. A blended cotton polyester pillowcase will shrink less then 100% cotton. In addition, this type of blend will come out of the wash usually looking less wrinkled and does not require ironing to make a nice finish.

Pure Finish Percale: This fabric has a smooth finish and is tightly woven. It generally has a brighter appearance and will last much longer in the laundry. It comes in either 100% cotton or blended fabrics.

Mercerized Cotton: This is a special kind of cotton yarn that is more lustrous than conventional cotton. It is also stronger, takes dye a little more readily, makes the yarn more resistant to mildew and reduces lint. It also may not shrink or lose its shape as much as “regular” cotton. Mercerized yarn stays shiny through washing and gives a nice, somewhat fancier look to finished items.

It is important and good to know that from a cost efficiency standpoint, a standard 100% cotton pillowcase is all that is needed to provide a very nice finishedpillowcase for crafts.

Besides ink related crafting, there are many other projects that can be fun and easy to do.

Below is one example:


Supplies Needed for pillowcases for crafts:

26” of ½” elastic
Approximately 40” of trim for the top of the pockets
6 or more 6” pieces of trim for the vertical separations on the pockets
Approximately 36” of trim for the top of the bag (or exact circumference of your pillow case)
18” of trim for the handle (cut after you measure your handle)
2 decorative buttons

Let’s Get Started:

Wash and iron pillowcase for crafts. Cut a strip 2 1/2” wide from the sewn short edge of the pillowcase for crafts. Take the 2 1/2” strip and turn it inside out. Sew along the cut edge leaving a hole about 2” in the middle of the strip to pull it through to bring the right side out. Pull right side out and slip stitch the 2” hole closed. Iron the handle so the seam is down the center and both edges are folds. Flatten both end points toward the center seam to form a square at both ends. Lay and pin the trim on the handle. Sew it securely down being careful not to sew the square end. The ends of the 18” of trim will be hidden under the square. The square will become a design feature to sew on a decorative button. Set aside for now.

Pockets of the Bag – Turn the pillowcase for crafts inside out. About ½” from the folded edge of the hem on the wrong side, sew the 21” piece of trim so it goes all the way around the hem. Turn the pillow case right side out. The hem of the pillow case will now be folded over (wrong side out) and trimmed to form the pockets on the right side. Place the 6” pieces of trim around the pocket made by the hem. The 6” pieces will form individual pockets around the outside of the bag. You can use a piece to cover the sewn hem side seam if you like. You will be sewing the hem and trim to the layer of pillow case directly behind it to form the pocket sections. Be sure you dont sew through all layers. You should still have a tube with pockets all the way when you are done.

Bag – Lay the pillowcase for crafts flat right side up on a surface with the pocket end toward you. Now take the cut side of the pillow case and bring in through the center of the tube, putting wrong side of the pillow case to wrong side of the pillow case and matching the bottom edge of the hem to the cut edge of the pillow case. You are making the bag lining in this step. You should see a fold on the top and the pockets at the bottom. There should be 4 layers of fabric on the bottom, 2 raw edged and 2 folded (pockets). Pin all 4 layers together to keep it even. Tuck all the loose ends into the bottom and sew across, making sure you have captured the pockets and 2 liners . Sew again about ¼” up from the bottom for added strength. Next press the fold at the top of the bag. Sew the decorative trim about 1“ below the fold. Open the side seam in the casing you just sewed, using a safety pin on one end, insert the elastic into the casing. Sew the elastic ends together with a machine. Hand stitch the casing opening closed. Add the handle in the center or the edges as desired, opening up the square formed in each end. Add an accent button to the center of the square.

Congratulations you have done a pillowcase for crafts and made a really cute and useful tote for the beach.

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