Podiatry Chattanooga TN CR Systems For the Fully Functional Medical Center

In the past, podiatric x-ray machines were film-based, but now many podiatric departments and clinics are switching to digital podiatric radiography. As technology prices have fallen, physicians are finding that digital podiatric radiography systems are more affordable than ever. Using digital medical imaging, podiatry chattanooga tn practices can also improve office efficiency and provide better patient care at a lower cost.


Digital X-ray machines and PACS systems were only available to large hospitals. Now that prices for all computer technology have come down, this has benefited the prices paid for digital x-ray equipment and software.

Podiatry chattanooga tn departments have many options for exceptional digital x-ray imaging equipment. The options range from the Podiatry Chattanooga tn CR system to the Podiatry Chattanooga tn DR system, and each has certain advantages. The CR systems are the less expensive of the two when initially purchased. The CR makes excellent digital medical images and is often used in mobile teleradiology when the radiologist travels to patients in nursing homes, sports stadiums, and other outdoor locations.

CR can also be used to upgrade existing film radiology equipment

Providing a cost-effective upgrade. DR imaging systems, on the other hand, are initially more expensive than CR. However, they produce higher-resolution digital medical images than current CR systems. DR is also used in mobile digital imaging situations.

To get the most out of a digital X-ray system

Many podiatry chattanooga tn clinics are also investing in a Podiatry chattanooga tn PACS. Podiatry chattanooga tn PACS allows busy medical practices to archive and distribute digital medical images in dicom digital imaging format. Given the many costs of storing, retrieving, and distributing film images, it makes sense to switch to an affordable and efficient PACS system.

A digital PACS system also helps ensure your podiatry chattanooga tn department is HIPPA compliant. All physicians and staff who are authorized to access the PACS system should log in with a username and password, and the administrator can easily and quickly maintain these settings to maintain patient confidentiality.

Patient records must also be securely stored off-site in the event of a disaster so that they are not prevented from being retrieved for better patient care, and using a digital PACS system also facilitates this task.

Medical imaging distributors and system integrators can help your podiatry chattanooga tn practice find the best digital podiatric x-ray and PACS system for your specific needs.

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