Revolution of Call Forwarding Communication

Call forwarding is a phone feature that forwards incoming phone calls to another endpoint – it can be another extension in the same office or a cell phone, home phone, office phone or even voicemail.

The main advantage of call forwarding is that it guarantees callers that their phone calls will not be missed, even if the recipient is unavailable at a predetermined location. With call forwarding, you can forward an incoming call to any phone, such as your mobile, home, office or even voicemail.

This way, you won’t miss a single call and the caller won’t face annoying situations such as no network, busy, unavailable, no way to answer the call, etc. For company owners and employees who travel a lot, call forwarding services are a real boon.

This feature is usually divided into two types:

Variable call forwarding and call forwarding on busy or no answer. Variable call forwarding is a feature that allows you to select a number to which all incoming calls will be forwarded.

Call forwarding on busy or unanswered is a feature that allows you to automatically forward all incoming calls when all your lines are busy or do not answer after a certain number of rings.

With the advancements in telecommunication technology, it is increasingly possible to use remote call forwarding features to forward calls to anywhere in the world with relative ease. Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to be near your phone all the time, but you also don’t lose valuable business calls.

Thanks to this feature,

You can be reached even outside working hours and on holidays, as well as at any time that suits you best. Another feature also allows you to block certain calls by forwarding them to voicemail based on the caller’s number.

In today’s global economy, where business is conducted without borders, businessmen prefer to use this feature. Nowadays, more and more businesses operate globally, and promoting international calls has become a powerful marketing tool.

The worldwide feature allows users to have a local number in any country that can easily forward incoming calls to their cell phone or office/home landline.

The call forwarding feature comes at a cost, but will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Businesses that utilize this feature will be able to expand their customer base, build reliable customer relationships, increase overall productivity, and increase revenue and related profits.

It goes without saying that if your customers have constant access to you, they will feel satisfied and be more likely to choose your products over those of your competitors who do not offer them the same call forwarding option. Another benefit is that callers won’t have to deal with impersonal voicemails.

You can build your brand and promote your products by activating your own local or international toll-free number. You can give your customers, employees, and other prospects a local or toll-free number in the country they live in, so they can easily reach you through that local number.

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