Six sigma master black belt: a tool to ensure complete quality management in your company

Companies to live sustainably and improve customer satisfaction need to undertake strategic initiatives, including improving business quality and business processes and make them more effective and efficient.

Six Sigma is a method that provides organizations with tools to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of their business processes. Improved performance by decreasing process variation and reducing over-eliminating operating waste leads to reduced defects and increased profits, employee morale and product and service quality.

Six Sigma is an intervention process using statistics, problem solving techniques and valuation techniques as well as a step-by-step project management approach that allows companies to interpret which business processes need attention, identify root causes of problems, and sustain improvement.

It a methodology, an improvement management strategy, in which easy and effective statistical tools are used to define, measure, analyse, improve and control selected processes in businesses in order to ensure excellence in operations.

The Six Sigma process generally focuses on following three main areas;

  • Reducing cycle time
  • Reduction of Defects/Errors
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Six sigma master black belt training Noida helps in measuring and analysing all business processes of the organization. It does not undermine the values ​​of existing quality programs, but is an evolutionary step for a complete quality strategy. It takes more than small incremental improvements to achieve the Six Sigma goal.


Participants know the basic concepts and benefits of Six Sigma

Participants understand the stages of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) in Six Sigma

Participants understand and will be able to identify operational defects and waste that need to be repaired to increase customer satisfaction.

Participants know several statistical techniques in Six Sigma according to the qualifications of the Six Sigma Black Belt Master

Participants are able to use the Six Sigma Toolkit and templates that match the qualifications of the Six Sigma Black Belt Master.

Participants are able to lead several Six Sigma projects


Six sigma master black belt training Noida is specially designed for anyone in the company who wants to master the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master and wants to have a role, interest, or need to develop Six Sigma knowledge.

This training is also intended for employees who will or are running Six Sigma projects in functional or cross-functional areas.

The expert black belt is expected to have high level knowledge and experience in all aspects of six sigma. Specialist black belts, who constantly benefit from their technical support especially in statistical techniques, provide training on six sigma, inform the management representative about the technical aspect of the project, and provide support to quality champions.

To summarize, it is considered to be a good option to undergo six sigma master black belt training Noida as with the help of expertise gained through this training, an individual can improve the business processes and activities. A person having Master Black Belts certification can train Green Belts and Black Belts, along with this, a certified Master Black Belt can assist a company by deploying the required metrics so that a business can excel effectively.

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