There are many reasons why we do not fall asleep: Stress, worries, and thoughts of the next day often do not allow us to rest. But the excessive use of screens in the evening also hurts the quality of sleep and ensures a lower level of melatonin formation. In addition, tension or the position in which you sleep can also harm nightly recovery. Shift work and long air travel are other factors that contribute to poor sleeping pills hygiene.

Our body has to adjust to new time cycles again and again, and so-called jet lag occurs. In the short term, sleeping pills UK and other sleeping pills, such as calming teas, are ideal help and ensure that we come to rest.

Is your bedroom messy or cluttered?

Do your windows have a blackout option such as roller blinds or curtains, and if so, are these sufficient?

Because overheated or overcrowded rooms are often a reason for insomnia. All of these factors contribute to a better sleeping climate and reduce the risk of sleepless nights. Incidentally, blue bed linen should positively affect melatonin formation and have a calming effect.

If you have redesigned your bedroom accordingly and are still suffering from insomnia, exercise could also help you find peace. You exhaust yourself in the process, get other thoughts, and are more satisfied afterward. However, do not exercise late in the evening, as this will additionally activate your body. A massage or a warm bath, on the other hand, will relax you much better.

Overview of different sleep disorders

Not being able to sleep is just a symptom; there can be various disorders behind it:

  • Sleep apnea syndrome, also known as particularly heavy snoring. This can keep not only your partner from sleeping but you. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remedy physical causes. Other cases are treated with a breathing mask or an occlusal splint, for example. By the way, snoring is also favored by being very overweight.
  • Sleep-wake rhythm disturbances occur mainly in combination with the time difference.
  • Sleep addiction describes an increased need for sleep. Clarify whether there could be organic causes behind this.
  • Various other mental and physical illnesses can also have a profound effect on sleep.

Sleeping pills without a prescription

The over-the-counter sleeping pills are relatively weakly dosed and, unlike the sleeping pills UK prescription drugs, do not contain any benzodiazepines as an active ingredient. Benzodiazepines are suspected of being addictive. Instead, over-the-counter supplements rely on valerian and other substances as gentle sedatives.

Valerian is considered to be the strongest sleeping aid of the herbal representatives. Some medications are also suitable for calming during the day, as they only have a very slight effect.

Typical ingredients of sleeping pills

Sleeping pills UK often contain the following ingredients, components, or substances:

  • Diphenhydramine
  • Doxylamine
  • valerian
  • Johannis herbs
  • Lemon balm
  • Extracts from several plant substances

Avoid drinking alcohol when taking such sleeping pills. Otherwise, the mode of action could change negatively. When taking the medication, pay attention to the information in the package insert.

When over-the-counter sleeping pills don’t help

If you suffer from long-term sleep problems despite taking sleeping pills UK or tranquilizers, you should consult a doctor and investigate the cause together. Together you will first examine your previous sleep hygiene and use a sleep diary to search for clues. Going to the doctor is essential to rule out illnesses and other physical complaints as the cause of sleep disorders.

You should take the intake and dosage, especially with benzodiazepines, in close consultation with your doctor. After stopping such sleeping pills, withdrawal symptoms and side effects can occur in some cases.

Buy sleeping pills from our online pharmacy

If you want to buy sleeping pills and other sleeping pills, you will find a large selection of different drugs at our online pharmacy. The best-known preparations include Vivinox, Baldriparan, Hoggar, and Neurexin. In addition to the film-coated tablets, you will also find effervescent tablets as well as dragees and teas in our product range. The drugs are prescription-free, and you can decide for yourself which type of sleeping pills you prefer and which herbal ingredients you can best tolerate.

Other than medication, what you can do to get a better night’s sleep

If you are afraid of addiction when thinking about sleeping pills or if you want to get to the root of the problem as a whole, you should also check your sleeping environment and redesign the bedroom if necessary.


Everyone is different, and the preparations can have different effects from person to person. You will find a wide range of over-the-counter sleeping aid tablets and natural sleeping pills at our online pharmacy. So whether it be Diazepam, Zopicloneor any other- browse our shop and find the sleep aid that best helps you sleep. You can find information on the side effects in the package insert for the respective medication. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have on our customer hotline.

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