Stationary Or Handheld RFID Reader?

You need to buy a new RFID reader and do not know which option to choose: fixed or portable? Do not worry!! Below are some tips to help you make the right choice!

Now let’s take a closer look at the two types of readers!

Fixed rfid readers

They outperform pocket readers and are ideal for non-mobile applications as they need a power source to connect. They are installed in suitable places, for example in access control applications, the reader is attached to the door and waits for employees to identify themselves with RFID tags.

To better understand which applications a permanently installed reader is ideal for, let’s take a look at its benefits.

Key benefits of fixed rfid readers

Automatic real-time tracking: Since the permanently installed RFID reader stays on in tracking mode, no operator intervention is required to read the tags. This means that using them is a great way to automate business processes.

Wide Reading Range: These devices are permanently installed at a specific location and are continuously read to recognize every RFID tag that passes through the reader’s active area, which is usually larger than portable readers.

Flexibility in the type of antenna that can be connected to the reader: Fixed RFID readers often have multiple ports with the ability to connect multiple antennas. If you are using the correct cables for your connection, you can choose any antenna type in the same frequency range as your application.

Tracking multiple RFID tags: Fixed readers are widely used in environments where large numbers of RFID tags are tracked.

Fixed rfid readers are generally used

Fixed RFID readers are ideal for reading points that require bulk data collection, such as:

On the conveyor belt of the production line for automatic tracking of goods.

To monitor inbound and outbound movements in warehouses and distribution centers and provide real-time inventory transparency.

Like the POS (Point of Sale) in retail. In particular, technology makes it possible to speed up the payment process by reducing the number of errors associated with the human factor, while updating the inventory system from which this item is removed.

Handheld RFID reader

Compared to previous models, they have a compact design and often have a built-in antenna. They are also battery-operated. Therefore, they are widely used for tasks that require portability or flexibility. For example, to monitor assets in the field. The read data is transmitted to the control software via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a handheld RFID reader.

Key benefits of portable rfid readers

Easy to carry: Mobile RFID readers are designed to be used anywhere, anytime, so they are lightweight and battery-powered.

Rapid Deployment: There are no basic deployment requirements for portable RFID readers. The devices are ready to use. The absence of electricity and wiring allows for rapid deployment with minimal investment, making these readers ideal for initial RFID deployments and pilot projects.

Flexibility: They can be used in various areas within an organization, increasing cost efficiency and providing faster return on investment.

Ease of Use. Many portable readers have important features that simplify the collection and transmission of data.

General uses of portable rfid readers

Fully user-controlled mobile readers are ideal for site reading, especially for small, tagged articles such as:

Searching for serial numbers, plant and equipment specifications for controls (see here) leads to inspection fatigue and possible human error. The portable RFID reader allows you to automatically upload information to your inspection software system.

Books on the wrong shelves in the library are easy to recognize with a handheld reader.

They are ideal for running maintenance jobs (RFID for product lifecycle management).

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