Steps to Be Followed Y A Person to Open an Account on YouTube

In the current scenario, the internet is used by people of all age groups. People love to spend their free time on various social networking sites in order to get some amount of relief from their dull and monotonous life. They not only use the internet as a source of the internet, but even it is used for some useful purposes like marketing, studying, learning something new, even they buy YouTube Likes.


There are specific search engines available on the internet, on which a person can visit and the complete information related to the matter that he wants to get. Out of the various search engines, youtube is the second largest search engine that is preferred by most of people. It basically gives the matter related to the topic that the person searches in the form of the videos. People love to watch these videos as they are quite interesting for them.


If a person wants to watch the videos on the youtube, he is not required to form an account; on the other hand, if a person wants to post something on youtube, then, in that case, opening an account is a must.


How to open an account on youtube?


Opening an account on the youtube is not that difficult, as the user will just have to follow the basic steps, and the account will just be opened. So now we will discuss in detail about some of the basic steps to be followed:


Sign in to the Google account


Before a person starts with uploading the videos on the youtube channel, he will have to sign up on the Google account. For this, there are two basic options that are available with the person, he can either form a new business account, or he can just use his personal account for the business purpose. The selection of any one mode entirely depends on the account user.


Set up the name of the channel


Once you are done with the creation of the business account, then the next step is just to customize the account in the proper manner so that the page looks quite attractive. For this, the first thing that the person will have to do is to set the name of the channel. While the user set the name, the platform will provide specific suggestion to the user, out of which he can select the one that is best suitable for him.


Fill in other details of the account


The creation of the account does not end with entering the account’s name, but the user will also have to enter all other details. This will include the detail regarding the business and even the personal details of the owner of the account.


Set the icon of the channel


The first thing that the visitor of the page notices s the icon of the channel. This will be the source of attraction for the person who visits the page. Same as the profile picture is uploaded on Facebook and the Instagram similar is done with the youtube. The dimension that the youtube image contains is:


·        The icon of the channel must be displayed as 98*98 pixels.

·        On the other hand, if we talk about the banner of the channel, then it must be 1546*423 pixels.


As the dimensions are high so the person should try to upload photos that are of good quality. If in this situation also they do not get the likes, then they can just buy YouTube Likes.


Fill in the description of the channel


Another important thing for the youtube channel is to add the description on the page. A person must try to make it concise and also attractive. They can include the complete description of the business in short so that a person can get an idea regarding the channel.


The above mentioned are the complete steps that need to be followed by the person before he starts with uploading the videos on the channel. However, this is not sufficient; a person should also keep in mind specific tips that will help the player in uploading the videos:


·        Try to keep the description innovation and also related to the business only.

·        A person must upload the videos keeping in mind the interest of the viewers so that a large number of the people gets attracted.

·        The caption of the video must be as per the matter that is contained in the video.

·        Be regular on uploading the videos from time to time.

·        The user can also buy YouTube Likes.


These are some of the tips that the player must keep in mind in order to make youtube a good option for the marketing of the business. If youtube is used in the best way, then it can be a good option for the expansion of the business. Hopefully, it is quite clear that youtube is the best platform for expanding the business.



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