What are The Causes of Testosterone Deficiency and How to Treat It?

Testosterone is an essential hormone in our body that helps many bodily functions like healthy metabolism and helps you gain muscles. While a person with Testosterone Deficiency suffers many problems in daily life. That makes learning about the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Testosterone deficiency more important and helpful for you to grasp the situation and avoid the difficulties that come with it.

Testosterone Deficiency Symptoms

Here are Some of the warning signs of testosterone deficiency that you should always check for before going for Treatment.

1. Hair Loss

The untimely loss of hair in men is an early sign of testosterone deficiency in your body. Moreover, hair loss is common in ageing men, but when it becomes uncontrollable loss then it is a sign of low testosterone.

2. Increase in Body Fat

Increased body fat in a man is a common symptom of males with Testosterone deficiency. In addition, these men develop a condition in which their breast tissue increases in size due to an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone in the body.

3. Low Libido and Erection Problems

Increasing testosterone levels in your body may help you Achieve better pleasure in bed, but with low testosterone levels, you will face many problems in bed. People with deficit testosterone are seen facing issues like low libido and erection problems. Besides, testosterone is not directly involved in these bodily functions, but it is the primary catalyst in these procedures that help start the procedure in your body.

4. Constant Fatigue

Many people suffering from testosterone deficiency face fatigue problems no matter how much sleep or rest they get per day. They also find doing exercise difficult for them. The only option they have left is to increase testosterone in their body with foods. So make a habit of walking and eating healthy foods to eliminate fatigue.

5. Affected Memory and Mood Swing

Growing age in males affects the memory and testosterone level in your body. But in some cases, low testosterone starts affecting your memory and some people feel a constant mood swing for no reason.

6. Low Sperm Count and Small Testicles

Male with low testosterone also suffers from low sperm count and small testicle size because testosterone plays a significant role in developing your body.

Causes of Low Testosterone

Now one of the questions has arrived in your mind about: what causes male testosterone deficiency? Below are a few common reasons that drive low testosterone levels.

  • Increasing age
  • Consumption of Alcohol
  • Cancer treatments like Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal Medicines
  • Metabolic problems
  • Pituitary gland tumour or dysfunction
  • Increased levels of estrogen hormones
  • Injuries or trauma
  • High body weight and Type 2 diabetes
estosterone deficiency symptoms

Treatment Of Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone Deficiency is treatable by many methods, of which some are easy and small lifestyle changes, and some are medical therapy. That depends upon your condition and expert advice.

Manage Weight

Control your body weight and maintain your ideal body weight. Increased body weight is the reason for many diseases like diabetes, Cardiac problems, and low testosterone. Furthermore keeping a perfect weight will eliminate these problems from your life automatically.

Also, read About How to Cure ED problems in men.


Perform daily exercises to maintain body weight and fresh mind. Practising Daily Exercises also help you increase the testosterone level in your body.

Stop Alcohol

Stop using alcohol and smoking that harm your body and cause many diseases like lung cancer and liver damage. Liver damage affects your metabolism that causes testosterone deficiency in your body.

Eat Healthily

Try to eat healthy fibre-rich foods like avocado, spinach. These foods help boost your metabolism and also help in increasing the testosterone level in your body. At the same time, avoid oily and processed foods from your diet.

Testosterone Booster

Consume testosterone boosters to increase the testosterone; many products in the market claim to boost testosterone in your body. However, before using these products remember to consult your physician.

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone replacement therapy is especially done for those people who have low testosterone levels in their bodies. likewise, these low levels of testosterone affect body functions and leave you with low muscle mass and bone density.


Testosterone Injection is another way to treat low testosterone. This procedure is performed on people who have low levels of testosterone but do not require testosterone replacement.

Final Say About Testosterone Deficiency

Now you know all the symptoms, causes, and Treatment available for testosterone deficiency. You can take early steps to avoid these conditions by changing your lifestyle and food habits. Do daily exercise to increase testosterone levels and avoid difficulties in life. Consume testosterone boosters to increase the testosterone; many products in the market like Cenforce 200.

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