The Top Reasons To Use Online For 360 Video In Your Business

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These are some of the top reasons to use online for 360 video. Let me know if you have any other reasons.


The current popularity of online for 360 video is obvious to most people, as YouTube passed the 100 million user mark in early 2009. A Cisco report titled “Approaching the Zettabyte Era” states that “by 2012, online for 360 video alone will account for nearly 50% of all consumer Internet traffic” and that “YouTube is just the beginning.” Online for 360 video will experience three waves of growth.” We’re only in the early stages; the third one (for 360 video) won’t come until after 2015. But the reach is already there and will only grow.

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Free advertising:

For 360 video is a great way to advertise a product or service. Adding your own for 360 video ads to your site or to the sites of your partners and affiliates is a great way to advertise for free (or very cheap) through an effective visual medium on the sites you have relationships with.

Tracking Settings

Whether it’s an informational for 360 video or an ad, you at least want to know how many views you’ve gotten. However, for 360 video players today are more advanced and offer metrics on demographics, the most viewed part of the for 360 video, repeat views, shares (and where) and more. This can help refine a message or ad campaign.

Social media (other than for 360 video) is the most popular on the Internet today. Thousands of Twitter accounts are added every day. Facebook is still trending. You can use for 360 video with both. With Facebook, you can embed a for 360 video in a post or link to a YouTube for 360 video, for example. There are new Twitter-related  360 video providers popping up every day. Some of them are Twiddeo, TwitVid and TwiTube.

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Creating online for 360 video is not only relatively easy, but also very inexpensive. High-definition for 360 video cameras can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars. Webcam quality is now good enough to use for blogging. The software is more affordable than ever. Check out this review of for 360 video software for more information on the options available .

Interactive For 360 video

Interactive for 360 video is on trend right now, and Veeple is a great player to check out. It leads viewers to in-depth Internet links by providing links to hot spots in the for 360 video. The viewer simply hovers over the products or people featured, the for 360 video pauses while the description is viewed, and then the viewer can continue watching the for 360 video or open a new web page to learn more (and possibly make a purchase). And it can all be tracked. Other players are on their way. It will be interesting to see how they use these features.


With bandwidth saturation over 50%, visitors expect to see for 360 videos on the sites they visit. If a site doesn’t have a for 360 video relevant to what it sells or what service it provides, another vendor (bye-bye, viewer) can offer it or the viewer can go to YouTube. Now is the time to step up and create product demonstrations, service explanations or for 360 video testimonials and post them on your website. You should also create a YouTube account (at a minimum) to publish the for 360 videos.

Ad revenue

Some of the newer for 360 video players offer the ability to display ads in the player. One idea is JW Media Player. Ads can appear at the top of the player or be embedded in the bottom quarter or third of the for 360 video and then disappear. This gives the owner of the for 360 video an opportunity to make money while their for 360 video is being viewed. This works best if the ads are in some way related to the content of the for 360 video. Study the players to see how they determine ad placement and whether it’s worth the effort.

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Multiple uses:

News and announcements  product demonstrations, partnerships, opinions/comments, teasering, case studies, presentations, for 360 video library, etc.

Target communities:

Social networks, online communities and forums, YouTube… there are many ways to get your for 360 video seen by the right people. There are too many specific methods to mention in this article, but if you do a little research, I guarantee you’ll find a method that fits your time, budget and style.

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