The Trend of Using Colored Mailer Boxes!

It is time to impress your customer with colored mailer boxes. These boxes will help you gain the favor of the customer and inspire them to buy from your brand. Colored mailer boxes are unique in their own way. They can help you in distinguishing yourself from others and establishing your place in the market for sure.

How Colored mailer boxes increase sales?

Colored mailer boxes tend to increase sales over-time. The simple reason behind this is their creativity and attractiveness. Here is how colored mailer boxes increase your sales;

  1. Custom colored mailer boxes helps in raising brand awareness, and more people come to know about your brand. This in turn, leads to more sales.
  2. Custom mailer boxes are known to create brand recognition. This helps customers and potential customers know you from anywhere. People feel more comfortable buying from brands they already know and in this way your sales will increase.
  3. Custom mailer packaging tells your customer you care about them. This is the sole reason why you are striving to give them extra. Such thought process provokes customer loyalty and this directly impacts your sales.
  4. If your packaging and quality of product are excellent, then customer retention rate becomes high and in your case that helps the brand increase sales.
  5. Your mailer boxes also help you in expanding your customer base since they are able to convince potential customers to check your brand out.

Things you need to take care of

Remember that your colored mailer boxes are a ticket to drag customers into your shop. Your packaging, no matter how attractive it is, can only drag in customers. Retaining them is your job and that is done by providing customers with quality. If the quality of your product is excellent then the customer will not only come back, but will also become few other customers. However, if you only emphasize on packaging: forgetting all other things then that will lead to a complete loss. Packaging is the lure; it can attract customers and potential customers. It can convince them to buy the product, but whether they are going to keep coming back depends on many other factors that you cannot forget!

Eco-friendly custom colored mailer packaging

Today’s customer is smart. They have a lot of awareness and businesses cannot use the conventional marketing ways to fool them anymore. Customers like honesty and authenticity. They prefer brands who are hundred percent honest with them and provide what they claim. Furthermore, with increasing awareness about environmental issues (credit to our social activists and pressure groups) customers are concerned about how they contribute towards earth. In such times, Eco-friendly packaging is gaining fame. Boycott of plastic is slowly leading to brands coming up with new types of packaging to contribute positively towards earth as well as appease their customers.

Eco-friendly packaging tends to be a little expensive; however, it is worth it. There are many ways in which eco-friendly packaging is worth your while.

  • It creates a very positive image for your brand which attracts more and more customers.
  • It promotes positive word-of-mouth which is very good. According to one research, 80% of the customers believe in the opinions of their friends and family.
  • It keeps pressure groups off your back. Moreover, social activists encourage their society members to buy from your brand.
  • Government support is easy to obtain since you are socially responsible.
  • Your packaging is recyclable and can easily be decomposed.
  • Kraft materials are less expensive to use and in the long-run they tend to increase company profits.
  • Customer base expands rapidly due to positive word of mouth!

Custom Colored mailer boxes are trending due to their X-factor

Custom colored mailer boxes bear the name of your company along with its logo. Other than this, they are highly creative in their own manner. Every custom box made has something unique about it and brands cash this. Your brand needs to also invest in Custom Colored Mailer boxes. This will allow you to stand in the market and be different from all the competitors. Take an example of ‘iPhone’ or ‘Ordinary’. They have incorporated the idea of minimalism in their packaging and customers love it. On the other hand, there are brands such as Amazon or Ali Baba who have their unique designs to impress customers. In short, Custom mailer boxes are trending because they are unique and so, your packaging needs to be unique as well. Invest in custom packaging and become the trendiest brand in the market!

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