What causes the Drug Addiction and why drug rehabilitation is important?

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Drugs addiction is like venom, it slowly starts to destroy the organs from the inside of the body. Alcoholism brings with it the destruction of all that is valuable in life. This disease affects all those who come in connection with alcoholism because it brings terrible misunderstandings and resentments, financial insecurity, disgust of friends and employers, tormented life of innocent children, sadness in the souls of his wife and parents, the list of pains could continue infinitely…

A lot of experts at a drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai are brainstorming how they could eliminate such a harmful phenomenon for society as drug addiction. The success of the fight against it depends largely on identifying the exact reasons that push people towards drug addiction. Most drug addicts are those who use narcotic drugs, not for medical reasons.

At first, depending on the type of higher nervous activity, the type of drug, the dose, the method of its introduction into the body, the mental attitude of the subject, a euphoric effect occurs. The desire to take a certain type of drug is formed. They start to be taken regularly. What is addiction? In the definition of “addiction” refers to a painful person, abnormal dependence on any of the substances that produce a state of euphoria, hallucinations, or even in any way change the concept of reality.

Causes of drug addiction

Drug addiction can cause various factors that can be conditionally divided into physiological and social (in other words, psychological). At the same time, in each case, the formation of addiction occurs for a variety of different reasons and, first of all, depends on the characteristics of the individual.

For such factors, it is common to report the characteristics of neurotransmitter metabolism in the brain of a particular person. With the excess or deficiency of certain neurotransmitters, a person becomes mentally unbalanced, anxious. He has a feeling of inner dissatisfaction, depression, excess of negative emotions, and a positive lack. According to experts at drug rehabilitation centre in India, this condition is often hereditary. A person with a disturbing level of neurotransmitters begins to seek the rescue of narcotics. First of all, drugs really help to get rid of fear and anxiety, give a feeling of calm and happiness, due to which a person uses them more and more often until they enter the system. After a while, as the body’s addiction to drugs, the effect becomes less pronounced (or disappears altogether), but at this stage, a person has a stable dependence is formed both psychologically and physically.

Psychological reasons

The psychological (or social) causes of drug addiction often depend on the individual’s psycho-emotional state and are rooted in childhood. These reasons include family problems. This includes both the lack and the excess of parental love, which is just as harmful to the individual’s psyche. A spoiled child, accustomed to the lack of prohibitions and complete permissiveness, will not fail to try the drug, if the opportunity arises to him.

Most often, this reason is caused by the desire of a person to imitate someone from idols, who succeeded as a drug addict or the influence of a certain type of literature, which describes the “expansion of consciousness” with the help of banned substances.

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