What cavemen mean?


Cavemen are the people who live in the caves, they are uncivilized people and have no manners. They make violations because they are uneducated and illiterate people because they live in the cave they generally seem in the stone Age. But now they have no actual existence that’s why the word cavemen are used as the term for the people who are old-fashioned and have thoughts like the people of old ages. They generally live in ancient times but now the people are literate and have manners because they are educated. These people of ancient times will not be able to do such thing that is done by the people of this modern era due to their mentality. They are not able to work for 8 hours like us, they make violations and destruction when they are hungry.

Jimmy castor a famous Igbo hip-hop singer, sang the song named cavemen. He is a famous singer, he become popular when he started Igbo hip-hop. In this song, he told us about the people who have the mentality same as the mentality of the ancient ages. The people who have thoughts that giving the right of voting to women is the wrong idea and the people having the thought that educating a woman or girl is wrong, these types of people are called cavemen. Igbo hip-hop song cavemen have sand for these people to change their thoughts, the world has changed. These people of old age are superstitious, they believe in good and bad signs. They never pay attention to find the reason behind things. But now people are educated, they know that everything done in the world has a solid fact and reason behind it.

Thoughts of cavemen

These people are superstitious, they believe in the signs of good and bad luck. They never tried to find the reasons and facts about any happening. . Igbo hip-hop songs have all the facts about them. They are uncivilized and illiterate so they have no knowledge about the facts. They are narrow-minded people they make violations and destruction on small matters. They hunt and kill animals for their food, they have no sense of wearing and dressing, and they use leaves and animals’ skin for wearing.

Facts about cavemen

These people belong the ancient times. They spend the biggest period on earth from the timeline of earth. They also like music, so they make their own musical tools from stones and bones. They also make their own weapons for fighting and hunting purposes. They have unbeatable skills for hunting, they are also war experts. They also have skills in making things for their personal uses.


The world has changed, and everyone is interested in evolution. People are educated and gaining education in their fields. So we have to leave the thought of ancient times. Igbo hip-hop song cavemen also taught us the lesson to change our old thoughts. Education is very important for the prosperity of any society, so it is also important for women to learn and work with men. Thanks for reading…

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