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What do Experts Mean by ‘High-Quality Content’ for Your Website?

We often hear different definitions of “High-Quality Content”. Some successful website designers would say “use more keywords”, others would say “write more content”, and the rest would say get backlinks. This is definitely not the right answer. You have to combine these tips with some additional tips which I will be explaining in this post in order to produce high-quality content.

Let’s keep this simple and take one step at a time. We are going to work according to Google’s guidelines on what Quality content is and see what is working for your competitors and implement something similar, yet better. The reason being is because Google is the decision-maker of who ranks and who doesn’t. The algorithm is designed by them. There is no way around this. If you can’t follow Google’s guidelines then you will never be able to have quality content read by your targeted audience.

Now that we have some direction to go to, let’s break it down a little more. What does Google expect from us in order to become successful in ranking and to have quality content?

The answer is simple. Google identifies quality content when you get relevant backlinks from other websites in the same industry/niche as you. The more people linking to your blog post/website the more valuable the content is. Google then sees this as content that might be

But you might think: “how do I know if my content is actually valuable?”

The answer to that is simple. See what your high ranking competitors are doing and do the same, but in your own way. If they write a blog post that’s doing well, use the same blog post title and write your own content that’s better than theirs. If you produce better content than your competitors, then you will be a step closer in having your content seen as “High-Quality Content”.

For instance: If you are in the cooking industry and you come across a blog post about “how to make baked potatoes” and it’s got many backlinks and getting a lot of search traffic, then it’s obvious that the post is doing good.

How can you do better? Well by just adjusting the title could make a major difference. Start by writing a blog post that’s relevant to the topic: “How to make the perfect baked potatoes under an hour”. This topic already indicates that the blog post can be better than the one you came across earlier. Now all you have to do is write a blog post that’s longer than your competitor’s. Make sure you use more pictures, more words and provide more valuable content that your competitor might have missed in his post. 

Once you are satisfied and confident that your post is better than your competitor’s it’s safe to say that you have more quality content. 

The next step is to get backlinks. Reach out to the people that are back linking to your competitor and show them that your blog post is better. They might consider linking to you instead.

This step isn’t always the easiest, but if you continue to write more and more content, publish them, and try to reach out to websites that are linking to your competitors, your chance in having higher quality content will be greater. 

The more posts that are being produced that are better and more educational than your competitor’s posts, the greater the chance that someone will link to your website instead.

As time goes by, your hard work such as content writing and SEO will start to take effect and you will start to see some results. The key factor is to never stop producing. You have to keep producing educational posts in order to keep your audience interested. Not to mention, Google will see your consistency and you will be in great favour. Your competitors will start noticing you.

If you would like to rank your content on the first page of Google, read this blog post about How To Rank On The First Page On Google.

With that being said, I hope you found this blog post very helpful and at least learned something today. If you are interested in hiring a trusted brand/company to write quality content for you and to create professional websites and graphic designs, be sure to visit Dylan Webs.

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