What Questions to Ask from your Diamond Dealer in Frisco?

Diamonds are expensive and so before you buy one make sure to do your part as a buyer before you make the purchase. Asking questions from your diamond dealer in Frisco can help in clarifying things before making the final decision. You can find several diamond dealers in Frisco, so you better choose the one who can answer all your questions since this shows that they know more about diamonds. So ask away the following question and be enlightened which among the diamonds are the best buy and who among the dealers are best to buy from.

What options do I have in my price range?

Diamonds are priced per carat, by shape and other factors. Therefore the price range varies for every kind of diamond. Asking this question can help you have an idea of what grade and kind of diamond can your budget be able to buy. This can also help you save time since the diamond dealer would only offer the diamonds that fit your budget, therefore your choices of diamonds will be narrower which makes it easier for you to pick.

Why is this Diamond on sale?

Asking this question can help you understand why the diamond is at a lower price. There are several reasons why diamonds are at a discounted price such as they might have flaws or some of them are enhanced by laser. Knowing the cause can make you decide if you want the diamond or not and you can also test the honesty of the seller.

What is the quality of this Diamond?

Asking this question can give you more details about the diamond. They can give you more specific features about it and even have you take a look at the diamond under a loupe to check it up close. This can give you an opportunity to inspect the diamond so it is wise to be familiar with the 4cs of diamond to have an idea of what are you looking at. 

Do I receive the grading report for this Diamond?

Certified diamonds are the best purchase since they can prove the authenticity of the diamond. Although most diamonds sold come with a certificate with its grading report, it is better to clarify them to the seller before making a purchase. Another thing to consider when asking for the grading report is where or who will the grading come from. There are two reliable diamond evaluators, 

Is this Diamond conflict-free?

Some diamonds are illegally or connected to some issues, to make sure that you don’t buy them ask your seller this question. They will likely reveal the source of their diamond which can give you peace of mind and know where your diamond is coming from.

What metal is the ring band made of? 

Metals play an important role in securing the diamond in its place. One thing that can prove that the diamond in the jewelry is the metal used, expensive metals are for expensive stones. Asking the metal used on the diamond jewelry can give you the security that it is durable and can last long. There are also marking on the metal that can help you determine what metals are used. 

What is the ring setting called?

There are several ring settings for diamonds, asking this question will let you have an idea of what settings your ring will be. Plus some settings are a combination of two or even three settings which can be confusing sometimes. So to make sure ask your seller. 

Asking these questions before purchasing can help you get a good quality diamond and be guaranteed that the diamond you will be buying is authentic. Equipped yourself with the necessary knowledge such as getting familiar with the 4cs of the diamond and knowing what specific features would you like for your diamond. This way you can pick the right diamond and avoid spending too much time choosing from a wide variety of choices. 


Now that you have an idea of what questions to ask from your diamond dealer in Frisco? You can now start looking for the right diamond dealer by checking on the diamond store near your area and researching more about them and visiting the ones that you think are reliable from the list. 


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