Why Merino Wool is best for Sports Thermal Wear?

Whether sportsmen or amateurs play a sport on an amateur level, the sportspeople have become increasingly demanding and are both far more sensitive to clothing qualities than in the past and have no concern for the aesthetic side of the clothing they wear. In this respect, even sporting interior clothing is treated in a specific way since the personality of the wearer is no longer veiled and exposed.

The reparable thermal inside of polypropylene for the winter is a garment produced from breathable thermal systems that keeps your skin warm, leaving it dry and protected even during the winter, due to their thermal regulatory features. The Merino thermal wool innerwear is appropriate for cooler climates, developed to combat moisture and cold, which strengthens the corpse’s muscles. Merino wool, cashmere and polypropylene thermal winter inner wear for mens is the outcome of cutting-edge technological solutions for producing innerwear with valuable natural fibres, in order to protect against cold sports.

Why do we talk about Marino Wool?

Combining natural wool yarn, such Merino and cashmere, with polypropylene yarns, with carefully studied thermal properties in modern sportwear. The thermal inner wear, unique in its kind in Merino wool, is suitable for individuals who do sports throughout the winter months.

The choice of Merino wool derives because of their isolating capabilities; in fact, firmly coiled woolly fibres are connected to form a wave-like structure, creating a kind of air chambers that maintain body warmth. The wool produced in Merinos breeds of ovine is very soft from a thermal point of view as it is isolated. On the basis of the fibres, the quality of this wool is evaluated: the finer it is, the better the quality.

Do you know what the properties of Merinos wool are?

  • insulators (the high ability to absorb moisture)
  • antibacterial
  • it does not favor the creation of bad smells
  • it is not subject to the formation of electrostatic charges.

Polypropylene fibre was added to natural yarn so that in winter inner wear for mens in Merino wool can get the full functionality. This fibre transports sweat to the outside of the shirt because of its respirability, so it may quickly evaporate and make the body dry. For sportsmen, it is necessary to be able to experience the perfect comfort with the wear of the inner wear and to control the sweating properly in situations of severe or cold and moist climate, so that the body stays always secure.

Heat sports innerwear must always present a different look, remain convenient, covered and ensure optimum breathability. The inside wear should satisfy strict specified standards.

Woollen Wear has been making thermal inside clothing for years to satisfy the most demanding clients’ needs and tastes by fulfilling strict criteria:

  • quality
  • design
  • breathability

Sportsmen don’t have to give up their love during the winter season, but only change their technical equipment and make thermal underwear a must. The several Woollen Wear ranges offer products for distinct conditions.

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